Tuesday, February 07, 2006

so, my first BLOG POST...

hmm. I had a quick look around the net for blogging-type hosts - this one looked nice and was one of the first to bring blogging into popular culture making it the very large, hairy animal it is today.

Not that it's a bad animal - dogs can be big and hairy (well, most of them are hairy) - and actually - after watching P&P (Pride and Prejudice) the BBC version I decided I quite liked great danes - but you have to have a very large house and a very large 'estate' to be able to stand having something that large and that doggy-natured living under your roof.

I'm kinda jumping around here - but this is my way somedays.

Today, for example, I've jumped from wanting to start a blog to not. I'm not indecisive - sometimes, however, I get a bit 'mood jumpy' I think it's one of those things girls put down to 'girlishness' but I'm not excusing myself totally.

So. Just to clarify - this blog will be a journal for me of sorts - I don't know how long I'll be able to update consistently for - but I'm hoping it'll be at least a while.


This weekend I beat the 'god's temple' boss in Zelda (Windwaker - GC) - I am hoping to finish this game before the new Zelda comes out. I have been stuck on this boss since before moving house, before getting married and before my life got super busy that I haven't picked it up again to try for about 4-5 months. I was very happy, and couldn't stop thinking about playing more all day Sunday (which is when it was that I beat the pig-rock like thing)

However, Sunday I was thrown in the deep end having to run the overheads and AV stuff for church by myself, never having done it all before. I went ok - ok enough to be proud of myself over the top of the usual voices that try to work it so I failed miserably. I didn't fail - and there was no reasoning that could be worked to make me feel bad! Yay me.

Well, that's about the excitment for the moment - except that I keep getting 'could not connect to blogger.com'... is this on of those - service don't come for free things?

edit: obviously the connection failed me and I wasn't able to post this yest... *shrugs* It's still saying that... I'm trying though.