Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So we've been shopping for tents lately - and we've decided on one finally! :)

I'm happy about having somewhere to stay for the two weeks we'll be down on the Prom. I'm starting to pool things in my head regarding what needs to be taken and how they need to be stored etc.

I'm happy we're in a tent that will be bug proof - I would hate to find another spider in a pocket or something. I'm definately thinking of buying some plastic containers to store clothes in - mostly to keep things flat and tidyish cause living in a tent for two weeks can be a pretty crowded affair if it's not. It'll be really fun doing the practise run setting up the tent! No pressure like there'll be down there to get it up before it's really dark! :)

As you can tell - I'm pretty excited about the whole time down there!


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