Thursday, August 09, 2007


So the new job isn't so new and shiney anymore. It's a bit more like I know what I'm doing and can get stuff done. I like shopping at the market but not having less time to myself in my life. I had to come to the realisation that more of my life was spent working and at work than any other (apart from sleeping I guess) and so resolved to sleep a bit less as to put more of my own time into my day. I have also discovered I might be a bit inclined to being a workaholic as I fairly often don't take a proper lunch break. I think that if the company provided us with a better place to have lunch (I'm used to that) I probably would - but it's downstairs and tucked away and cold so I am waiting for spring/summer so I can go sit in a park and eat a sandwich and read in the sun or the shade. NICE!

My brother got engaged to glitterrs the other day - a week ago last wednesday actually - which is so very cool and exciting but was all the way away in America so we haven't been able to go 'squeee!' about it properly yet. Also the build up was long and involved from this end so it was just like 'yes! cool - was she happy? good - ok' for Mum and I.

In other less, but only slightly, breaking news I'm an auntie! First time - and she's definately a cutie. Her name is Coco - short for Coconut which is what her head looks like. OK so now it's not her real name - but who's using real names on this blog? Not me.

Check out this cute cat:
washed teh dishes. yr welcome.



Saturday, June 09, 2007

Almost all said and done

So I've resigned and my current employer has accepted my 'two weeks notice'. It went over much more smoothly than I as expecting. I got in a little bit early and quickly pulled my draft out of GoogleDocs pasted it into our letterhead and printed it. Albert is techincally my boss and so I went in and told him first. He took itvery professionally which didn't surprise me and I appreciated it.

After nine he took me down to Anthony's office and luckily Julie was in so I could tell everyone at once.

Now the part where I have to tell all my co-workers the news has begun and I don't love it. I've tried to make it to telling two people a day which isn't enough or going to cover everyone before I leave but it's the best I can do faced with questions like 'but why?' and 'why would you want to do that?' and other such associated faces and frownings.

I have had a lovely saturday today though: got up late-ish watched O draw some figures to raise funds to take him to DragonCon. I went to a church organised Ladies Breakfast which was encouraging (imagine our identity not being linked to our physical selves, who we think we are or are not - but rather something known by God from before we were in our mother's womb! and that it's a constant battle for our identity) from there I went home and searched desperately -ish for my lost husband! Once I had given him up I found out where he was and eddie and I went and helped BaSiL paint parts of her new bungalow.

The best bit came after that when we went to 'The Famous Blue Raincoat' to max out on their couch infront of their woodfire heater and eat hot chips and drink tea. SO GOOD.

This evening I have watched 'Wives and Daughters' the BBC production of the Elizabeth Gaskell book. Very cute. I think I will go home one this is published. :)

Good night Wesley - sleep tight - I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Walking tall

Hiding in the dark later though.

So I got a new job - and the experience has been a strange one as it's my first time having to 'resign' and face all that music and I'm beginning something I don't know quite what it is I'll be asked to do. Either way it's an adventure and I'm not sure I'm doing it pretty but I'm dragging myself through the experience as I know it's a good one and a life affirming one and a step forward in life which is what 'life' is all about really.

So good things.

Also I'm involved in a small amount of delightful deception at the moment - the kind where you know you're pregnant and you can't tell anyone except it's not that I'm pregnant at all and is more someone else's secret that I get to be a small part of.

About 5 of my friends ARE pregnant though - Kelly, Arki, Raven (my sister-in-law) and Jo and two have just had their babies - and obviously not pregnant anymore. So 5 was an exaggeration by 1 but whatever.

Working in the city will be nice - I'm gonna go look up if there's a park near where I work also - so for summer/spring days I can go sit outside. how cool!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So I've been meaning to come here and post something recently - but never got around to it. And now I do I can't think what I wanted to say.

I guess I want to record some things for my rememberence later...

We bought bikes. Franklin and I. And have so far been on a bike ride every Sunday since (3) I've only fallen off once, for which I gained a really huge-but-cool bruise, and have had sore muscles most days since. This is a good sign.

Also we started a hiphop dance class, first in Port Melbourne, and second in St Kilda as the Port Melbourne one wasn't particularly 'beginners' like it advertised.

The big news is that Franklin and I bought a house. It's a terrace and it's lovely. By the end of August (when we can move in) I will have completely forgotten what it looks like - but that will be a nice adventure or 'rediscovery.'

We've been doing 8-beat lindy hop (swing dancing still!) for about a month now - so we're still pretty crap.

Tim is not well. He went to hospital and has lost his smile. It's complicated and sad. I understand how it is to fall into hopelessness - easy too. But you just can't.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

so I've been trying to post for a while - but it keeps being broken. I have had like a thousand ants on my desk this week.

Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007



2007 has started already.

I 'missed' it by being down at Wilson's Prom for two weeks starting in 2006 and ending a bit over a week ago in 2007. Camping is tiring and bruising and tanning (even when you're not meaning to) but SO GOOD! Setting up all the marquees and tents and things was so rewarding - and then the two weeks of program kicked in and although it was very hard it was great. I've been filled with so much happiness, and joy, since I got back. Even though I'm tired and life is picking up the pace as 2007 develops and is revealed as the year it will be - I'm happy.

SUFM Tidal River is what we did for those two weeks btw.

So far so many things have started to develop. It seems that this year will be one of growth and change and excitement.

Franklin's sister is pregnant and due in June (I think) ... so that'll be exciting. Also JoV is having another little bub - everyone's telling her it's gonna be a girl. She's hoping for another boy - but will be so happy either way. The only name the two of them can agree on is Samantha so it'd be easier in that way if it was a girl :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is not for everyone - mostly it's just for me and my friends. So don't show up.