Tuesday, January 23, 2007



2007 has started already.

I 'missed' it by being down at Wilson's Prom for two weeks starting in 2006 and ending a bit over a week ago in 2007. Camping is tiring and bruising and tanning (even when you're not meaning to) but SO GOOD! Setting up all the marquees and tents and things was so rewarding - and then the two weeks of program kicked in and although it was very hard it was great. I've been filled with so much happiness, and joy, since I got back. Even though I'm tired and life is picking up the pace as 2007 develops and is revealed as the year it will be - I'm happy.

SUFM Tidal River is what we did for those two weeks btw.

So far so many things have started to develop. It seems that this year will be one of growth and change and excitement.

Franklin's sister is pregnant and due in June (I think) ... so that'll be exciting. Also JoV is having another little bub - everyone's telling her it's gonna be a girl. She's hoping for another boy - but will be so happy either way. The only name the two of them can agree on is Samantha so it'd be easier in that way if it was a girl :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is not for everyone - mostly it's just for me and my friends. So don't show up.