Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So I've been meaning to come here and post something recently - but never got around to it. And now I do I can't think what I wanted to say.

I guess I want to record some things for my rememberence later...

We bought bikes. Franklin and I. And have so far been on a bike ride every Sunday since (3) I've only fallen off once, for which I gained a really huge-but-cool bruise, and have had sore muscles most days since. This is a good sign.

Also we started a hiphop dance class, first in Port Melbourne, and second in St Kilda as the Port Melbourne one wasn't particularly 'beginners' like it advertised.

The big news is that Franklin and I bought a house. It's a terrace and it's lovely. By the end of August (when we can move in) I will have completely forgotten what it looks like - but that will be a nice adventure or 'rediscovery.'

We've been doing 8-beat lindy hop (swing dancing still!) for about a month now - so we're still pretty crap.

Tim is not well. He went to hospital and has lost his smile. It's complicated and sad. I understand how it is to fall into hopelessness - easy too. But you just can't.

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