Friday, June 01, 2007

Walking tall

Hiding in the dark later though.

So I got a new job - and the experience has been a strange one as it's my first time having to 'resign' and face all that music and I'm beginning something I don't know quite what it is I'll be asked to do. Either way it's an adventure and I'm not sure I'm doing it pretty but I'm dragging myself through the experience as I know it's a good one and a life affirming one and a step forward in life which is what 'life' is all about really.

So good things.

Also I'm involved in a small amount of delightful deception at the moment - the kind where you know you're pregnant and you can't tell anyone except it's not that I'm pregnant at all and is more someone else's secret that I get to be a small part of.

About 5 of my friends ARE pregnant though - Kelly, Arki, Raven (my sister-in-law) and Jo and two have just had their babies - and obviously not pregnant anymore. So 5 was an exaggeration by 1 but whatever.

Working in the city will be nice - I'm gonna go look up if there's a park near where I work also - so for summer/spring days I can go sit outside. how cool!

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