Thursday, August 09, 2007


So the new job isn't so new and shiney anymore. It's a bit more like I know what I'm doing and can get stuff done. I like shopping at the market but not having less time to myself in my life. I had to come to the realisation that more of my life was spent working and at work than any other (apart from sleeping I guess) and so resolved to sleep a bit less as to put more of my own time into my day. I have also discovered I might be a bit inclined to being a workaholic as I fairly often don't take a proper lunch break. I think that if the company provided us with a better place to have lunch (I'm used to that) I probably would - but it's downstairs and tucked away and cold so I am waiting for spring/summer so I can go sit in a park and eat a sandwich and read in the sun or the shade. NICE!

My brother got engaged to glitterrs the other day - a week ago last wednesday actually - which is so very cool and exciting but was all the way away in America so we haven't been able to go 'squeee!' about it properly yet. Also the build up was long and involved from this end so it was just like 'yes! cool - was she happy? good - ok' for Mum and I.

In other less, but only slightly, breaking news I'm an auntie! First time - and she's definately a cutie. Her name is Coco - short for Coconut which is what her head looks like. OK so now it's not her real name - but who's using real names on this blog? Not me.

Check out this cute cat:
washed teh dishes. yr welcome.



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