Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clean your wounds

People make the darnedest things. For example, to decorate your lounge room wall:

"Wow your scientist friends and colleagues with the coolness of this piece of knitted art. The frog is hand knit from a silk/wool blend, and his little innards are needle-felted by hand out of 100% wool. He comes pinned into his wooden 8 x 10 inch frame, but he is not glued down, so you can take him out and cuddle him if you wish. The backing for this frog is a beautiful dark brown cork.
Designed and hand knitted by me ~ The Crafty Hedgehog"

Right now, I'm making an impressed face. Sounds like an excellent 30th present... or is it in fact, quite distasteful? Does anyone else remember the funky formaldehyde smell of year 7 science 'dissection' day?

After all that knitting (or dissecting?) you might want to wash your hands, why not use these cute little hand-made soaps?

"Wash your hands with hands!
These are are completely hand made, so each set is slightly different with different hand-shapes & skin-ish colors. The soaps range from 1/2” to 3” tall.
You will get at least 10 hands (at least/about 100 grams of soap). The soap is goat’s milk + vegetable glycerin & has a very light scent. Packaged in a pretty bag… All ready for gifting to a friend with dirty paws! " By foliage.

Multi-racial too! *fake enthusiastic hand gesture* Are these, despite being gruesomely cute, worth banning from existence? If you think about it, these are small chubby children hand shapes you're (potentially) washing yourself with... should that be illegal? If you think about this - it's quite a contentious issue... let's debate!

Some people say there is nothing new under the sun, but gee - these come pretty close to being something you've never even considered as something someone would make.

I heart etsy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Running and crashing

Several things are on my mind at the moment:

ONE: Does anyone remember when we were young and the "news" presenters used to say encouraging things? Like 'Goodnight and God bless' (even if you don't believe in the big G - where's the harm? It's a nice sentiment) Where's the 'let's all pull together and we'll make it' vibe gone from our country?

TWO: What's with all the horror movies?! It's like every second film out is a horror movie or something designed to spook you out and make you afraid to be home alone at night. I went to the 'video' store last night and was amazed (and appalled). I need to do some "research" (surf the net) and find the huge numbers of people bawling loudly for and overabundance of horror movies - some large group of people somewhere must be driving this, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?

THREE: (a nice one) I'm impressed by the profusion of roses out at the moment - seriously. If you're the kind of person who would stop to smell the roses 'of life' - this is your season.

Cup Day we went on the poker run (yes, the concept has a wiki) out in the north east suburbs around Northcote - good fun. Overall the course was excellently mapped and signed and this time had WAY less hills. Only down side was it was shorter (18kms) and we could've kept riding a bit longer (therefore I would've drunk less beer after).

I did manage to fall over, quite spectacularly so I've been told. I have some interesting bruises. However, it was ace. More people should come on this ride with us next year. It'll be awesom-er with more people... and we'd have more of a chance of winning all that beer.. think about it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Holed up

So I've been stuck at home for two days (this is day two) with gastro - and I just hope no one else gets this bug, it hasn't been pleasant.

Someone outside is mowing, or chainsawing, sporadically like they don't really know what they're doing (or they're working with shoddy equipment.) Yesterday the school grounds and nature strips were mown so this is the second day of noise.

I've just finished reading 'The Book Thief' which is a pretty good book. Narrated by Death (minus black robe and scythe, plus weird sense of humor) this is a book about Leisel a German kid growing up during WWII who takes to stealing books. It wasn't what I was expecting but it was good; moving, funny, and actually a good look at what it was like to be a German in those days, especially one who didn't quite adopt the Nazi thing.

I don't think I've read many books that tell the story of what it was like to be German during that time - mostly just books about Jews, and Russians (fact and fiction) so it was a new perspective which was good.

I was supposed to make Margarita (tequila and lime) cupcakes for work yesterday - but obviously have been at home since then. I still have limes in my bag.. I should make them for NickNight tonight - but then I might pass on my germs.. wouldn't want that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday's Amusment

So today, on my way out for lunch, on this 18 degree day I walked past someone who made me laugh.

No, it wasn't a clown.

It was a man, in an outfit so contrived he must have seen it on a celebrity (in a magazine) and decided to wear the EXACT same thing. Have you ever seen these men? They walk with a swagger (and one hand in a pocket) that says - yes, my outfit IS sensational, I look cool - and everyone can see it.

Some men wear suits they bought at Armani - the whole suit and the tie that came off the dummy with it. Their outfit says 'I have money' 'I'm a player' and their swagger says 'of course you want to have sex with me'

THIS man was wearing designer sunglasses, a mobile phone, a black t-shirt, green cargo pants, and black thongs. Oh yes, he was working it. He did have one hand in his pocket. He did swagger.

And I laughed.

Monday, September 01, 2008

ABC News headlines

I get quite a bit of enjoyment reading the ABC News website headlines each day - there's always something spectacular, or funny. Whoever is their headline writer I commend you.

A few examples:

- "Putin 'saves TV crew from tiger'" - Vlad the Impaler??
- "Malaysian man gets nut stuck around penis" - do you go straight to 'pecan' or 'walnut' like me? It's worth reading actually. Poor stupid guy.
- "New Orleans evacuates ahead of 'mother of all storms'" - the next headline reads "'Overstated' Gustav downgraded to category three" - really? overstated?
- "Priest stands down amid sexual misconduct probe" - probe? ouch?

Thank you ABC - I really do appreciate the existence of our national broadcaster. I feel sorry for the rest of you - no Triple J, no snappy headlines.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Victoria Mason

So, today I showed a friend at work Victoria's cufflinks, after an extended conversation about french cuffs. Whilst doing so, I realised she's finally begun her blog! It's fun and links to a whole bunch of other Australian designers of cute things.
It seems things are really kicking along for our favorite jeweler, which is just dandy.

Sweet things made me think of sweet foods ... heee. And something I haven't had for ages but is EXCELLENT in winter is Buckwheat Pancakes! These are worth saving to eat on holidays - as they're so bad for you you have to have some scheduled activity to follow them up.

Here's our recipe:

Buckwheat pancakes

3/4 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons sugar
1 large egg
1 cup water
1 Tablespoon butter (melted)

Sift flours into bowl, stir through baking powder and sugar. Gently mix in egg, water and melted butter. Don't mix too hard, it wil toughen the mix. Some small lumps are ok. Let the mix sit for a couple of hours for yummiest pancakes.

Dont re-stir the mix after the sitting/resting but pour straight into a buttery frypan (ie - one you have melted some butter into) Flip when bubbles appear on the top side of the pancake (wait for half a dozen to appear, not just one or two) and brown other side.

Serve immediately, eat with loads of butter and a quality canadian maple syrup (don't be tight and buy 'maple flavoured syrup') and enjoy! (I know you will) They're also good with citrus, berries (blue ones) and almonds.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Microwave marmalade

So, ages ago I made marmalade in the microwave - it was comparatively easy (as compared to the real way of making jam) and quick and it tastes great. I got the recipe from Elise's blog here.

The pics I have of the steps are below.

We have 4 kumquat trees in our back 'walkway' thingo - so while Franklin pruned the one nearest us - I picked the fruits! (and washed them and put them in this colander)

Then I chopped them up and took out the big pips and put them with other stuff into the pyrex jug and into the microwave
Then 15 minutes in the microwave and multiple 'take it out, stir and scoop out pips' steps

Then the marmalade went into jars, lids on tight and on the bench to cool and then into the fridge overnight to set. Yummy for brekkie the next morning.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Isn't it just the way though - that you think life will slow down for you to process something at your own pace? I make this mistake often. And have again most recently.

Tonight I'm feeling sick and sorry and sleepy, I'm not sure if it's Franklin's fault or BaSiL's, as I saw SD last night and she'd become sick via BaSiL ... *shakes head*

So this weekend is the birthday anniversary celebrations of tobes and aqua and 'Girl Rock' so I hope I'm feeling a bit less clooged up by then. Also I have a bunch of 'things' I have to get 'done' this weekend, one of which is have a conversation I don't feel ready to have - but again, life isn't waiting for me.. and I'm coming to terms with that one for this particular instance.

My happy place at the moment is Franklin and how awesome he is, G and how good (in the way that is better than awesome) He is in a consistant way unmatched by human endeavour, and Ninja. Ninja is J and G's little bobble-headed bundle-of-joy. And just between you and me, I was not surprised that the first ulrasound showed the baby had a big head (comparitively to its body) because ninja is already a highly valued little thing, and I've been given permission to partake in that kind of 'spoiling' that makes my fingers tingle :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beginning again

So, it's been a while and I haven't posted. So much has happened that was worthy to post - but I just haven't been able to get to it.

I will return to this however, when I'm a bit more together in my head space, and heart space.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Farewells and Stereotypes

So last night we fared well our favourite Judy, with laughs and surprises and good food. How fun was it?! So fun. I will miss Judy for all the reasons that make her her.

At one point though we (me, Bas, Aqua) were sitting around discussing food items for my mother's 60th birthday dinner, and the boys (DL, NL, the Ward boys, and Tobes (?) ) were standing and lounging around the other side of the room discussing mortgages... there was a moment of...

realisation. We were being stereotypes from our grandmother's times. It was odd - but it's also odd that I've started to really want some aprons, and those 'half' ones with cute pockets and retro stylings and flowery buttoned decals. I'm really a bit sadly domesticated - especially sad because I am not at all married to Mr Johnson. ("Isn't life swell?!") Although I'm not sure Mr Johnson was a tidy man - just that Mrs Johnson didn't have to go to work everyday.

I especially like the promises the apron pattern packet below makes about things you can do in one of these aprons - I'd sure love to waltz with a sailor (??) one day...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kit me out

Fit me a pair of RMC (nee. Red Monkey Jeans) jeans, and I'll be a happy lady. Even if they're baggy - check how cool!!!

MARTIN YAT MING AKA MARTIN KSOHOH is the designer of these crazy denims, Hong Kong born but raised in Japan, we may not be surprised to read this quote from his profile:

“Considering the Hong Kong originated international brand’s short market history, RMC’s design and products receiving acclaim and positive appraisal from around the world during the past few years are great motivation for us to excel and give our best endeavours” - Martin.

And that the brand's by line is 'You never try, you never know.' Short and sweet - but hardly enough to convey how cool the panels on these jeans are. Lately they've had a bunch of hassles with fakes which is always hard for a designer who's unique, but then, it's a sure sign of success too - so I'm not sure how sad he should be.

The brand concept is influenced by his Japanese upbringing, and constructed with specially modified colored cotton, woven into selvage denim. The brand is named after Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by Japanese native "YAMANE", creator of the "AVISYA TAILOR" retail concept (ref. Kit Me Out) which I can't find any information about - so I'm not sure it's interesting info except for how he got his brand.

Monday, April 28, 2008

goings on

So, we're finally going to go out and get C (C's me!) smashed on Tequila!

Before we do that we're going to go an see Phibs and Deb exhibit at Hogan Gallery, which will be great - I haven't been there for a really long time, since before Katho went to uni in 'far far away'.

Meanwhile - this is another exhib I'd like to go to. "Maybe we have met before?" featuring some of my favourite artists that draw for Frankie magazine and illustrations I long for. Pretty things... mmmm. Anyone wanna come?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another one

So I'm back at work this week, which isn't good but I'm coping. I'm not sure that my back isn't sorer today than it was Monday - but tomorrow is the last day of the week so I think I'll cope.

In the last couple of days we have discovered Skype, and because of this I have seen my friends in Adelaide and my sister-in-law in Nth Ringwood and feel like we've caught up fairly properly (the only thing missing was a cup of tea). This is all thanks to my having dropped my laptop and bunged the screen, and for only $100 we have a new laptop, 2008 edition with Vista (Business Pro) and an inbuilt web cam and mic. This is exciting as I'm hoping I can talk to my bro in LA with it - but has already been a great way to catch up with people in Australia. I haven't used Skype enough to complain about it yet - that may come.

The other night Franklin gave me some hair clips and I was wearing them so we took a pic with the webcam.

The little alien is like a 'frame' the webcam can have - examples include making you look like you're in a 'Wanted' poster and other embarrassing/corny things.

I have found so many cool things to write about in the last couple of days - mostly as a result of my searching for cool presents for Franklin for his (gasp) 30th birthday. I hope he doesn't look at the credit card account history very much and so some of the things will be a surprise.

This caught my eye - called One Day Poem it is a sculpture that has holes drilled through it at particular angles so you see different words at different times of day. Apart from the cheesy nature of the actual poem, the concept is spectacular and well worth the effort.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sad little mouse

Last night Franklin and I went to the Comedy Festival with some of my work colleagues and I laughed my head off at Jason Byrnes who was funny and rude and silly and had heat stroke.

This morning I took 5 running steps to catch the train and yanked my back out again and now I'm a miserable little being with major aches and pains in my back and four minutes of a painful work day left. The final trial is getting home, and waiting till 6:20 till I can see the chiropractor. I heart my chiropractor. Second to God she's my saviour.

I can't wait to have my aching bones cracked.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Just a small note to say that I have now officially spent my work day speaking like the characters from Scrubs - ok, not all of them but Dr Cox (how does that work!?) JD and Carla, plus I have now clearly identified my husbands relationship with his best friend as more like his first "marriage" ala JD and Turk and this, ladies and gentlemen, means I am the second wife which is saddening.

But, like Carla, I am taking it my stride. I would just like to thank God that they have not yet discovered walking talkie watches, the horror!

Also, my 'buzz' word at the moment is "Ridiculous" so keep your ears out for me labeling everything from the place I work to Google searching the word and being astounded by what I find there. A short list:

1. The 13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows to Ever Get Green-Lit. Thirteen shows stupider than that anything you've ever seen (not counting Mexican TV).

2. Ridiculous Infomercial Review chronicles the shameless exaggeration, tasteless products, and pure hokum dispensed by tacky TV infomercials.

3. YouTube - The best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed This fight is complete with knife licking, shirt tearing ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Everyone's on Camp

Well, not really everyone. Franklin is - which is effecting me more than other people being on camp (not that I don't love you to pieces BaSiL - you and the rest of the crew who're camping in the rain at the moment) It's just that DJ is there when I'm home and when I'm falling asleep and when I'm cold so I can't fall asleep... and now he's not. *pout*

I hope he's having fun though - and being useful. And I'm not whining cause I know I put him up to going.. I know.

Last night I was so tired from not having slept at all well Wednesday night (I know it's stupid but home alone I notice the things that go bump, squeak and creak in the night) that I did sleep well and that has encouraged me that tonight might be better again. Also I am armed with going out for drinks tonight, which will assist in the sleeping, and season 5 of Scrubs which will assist if I can't sleep :) I stole it from my parent's house as there is no one there who would appreciate it. I also stole Love Actually which is Aqua's and will find some time to indulge in a girly movie on the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend I am s'posed to be catching up with old workmates tomorrow sometime - but I haven't heard if it's definitely on... better go make a phone call about that.

Anyone doing anything fun Saturday night?

Monday, March 17, 2008

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?
Good question my work colleague, good question.

The next question is - when was it??

Was it Friday last? Will it be next week, after easter? I hope Irish people aren't as confused as I am - in token of my confusion here's something slightly amusing, and confusingly (in)appropriate I found when I google image searched 'St Patrick's day.' 'Cause why not?!
If you don't get it - Dr Banner is The Hulk - who is also green. Have I explained away how it was ever funny? Maybe... heeee!

PS - I am sick and my brain is a bit confusticated. And I'm annoyed because who gets a cold out of a heat stroke in March in Melbourne???? It's 39 degrees celcius outside and I'm sniveling and sneezing, and feeling a little sorry for myself and blaming that child on the train last week who didn't cover his mouth when he coughed at me... the country is going to the dogs people. The dogs. The bad ones, not Gemma or Basil - it'd be good if the country went to them, they're nice and obedient - so really the country wouldn't be theirs if it went to them... ok - what am I saying?? Stop writing now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Matrioshka - Babushka

People can do cool things with anything! Case in point: Hand painted Russian nesting dolls, or Matrioshka Dolls, comissioned by The Wurst Gallery and "The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal." I'm not saying this kind of cool thing doesn't happen all the time these days - cause it does - but it's always nice to come across it.

Especially the art of graffiti removal, which tickles my accidental art bone, I'm a sucker for that stuff!! Photocopier errors, print errors, spilled paint, and especially graf removal. I like graffiti - not tagging - the good stuff. I could even do it myself, if I could come at illegally 'decorating' someone's wall...

But often it happens that people paint over graffiti in whatever they have on hand, not considering that glare-y pink paint isn't possibly MORE offensive to the cornea than the original tag/piece, they paint in large irregular strokes in an unsual shape and leave it, satisfied with a good job done, probably with every intention of coming back and painting it beige, or brown or whatever the original colour was.

Besides often being funny, it can look really good.

Apparently it's called 'fleeting' by Marshall Sokoloff - because of the momentary nature of this kind of art, captured in a photo or for a week it looks good, but the next week it's changed again and lost 'it' or whatever it was that gave the wall appeal.

On top of that there are people that analysis and critic if this kind of art is actually 'art' as there is no intent. "Waa" is what I say to that. I say it's art, and this is not the vehicle (or blog) for balanced and ultra thought out commentary/argument.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Noteable amusments

Tonight, Franklin had a "brain fart." It was so funny, I told him "I'm blogging this" and so here I am, true to my word.

So, "it was night (late at night)" and Franklin (F) and I are leaving my parent's house via the back door, the usual door. I have my bike and F has not, unusually. The motion detecting light is not switched on. It's dark. I head off (right) to get my bike. F heads off (left) to the gate.

He looks over at me and thinks, "it looks like C (that's me) is wearing a skirt, but no, she's not. Am I?" And then he glances down at his own legs just to check and thinks, "no, I'm not". Suddenly he catches himself thinking what is a perfectly ridiculous thought and loses his sanity.

He recovers enough to tell me the 'story' and we both laugh merrily up the hill all the way home.

The end.

Birthday travels

I just stumbled across this place this morning - Vin Wine Cellar. It looks like a great place to have a birthday party... for someone classy and nearly 30... And it's in Prahran - very fancy.

The place seems somehow related the The Argo - which looks like a similar kind of place. Either place look like they're worth a visit, even just as an excuse for an outing to a NEW place to sit around in drinking good wine and eating and chating. The words "Because all our wines are available at bottle shop prices (plus $5 corkage) you will find that your wine bill will be up to half what you'd expect at other restaurants" sound very encouraging - especially for the wine lovers! Nothing is mentioned as to food and quality of the food however...

Friday, March 07, 2008

look what I found

So, here's some cool things and purchases :)

Mod cloth! Has fun things like this necklace (it's a tree so it's not surprising I love it!) friendly forest wall art, and hi-top socks! I'm not such a HUGE fan of their clothes - as I'm not an indie chick - but love the site and the coats and silly accessories. Not stuff I think I could make myself, and not super expensive! I think I'll be purchasing the wall art when my credit card resets next week!!! Oh yea, I gots the perfect spot for it.

30th birthdays

Well, this is a year for big birthday celebrations. Mum is 60! and Kim, Franklin and Tank are all 30!

So Franklin's is first - and one I have a hand in organising. And as such, and because Franklin never had a kids birthday party - it's gonna be themed like a fun kids party. But centering around toast - and breakfast! This is a list for my reference of things I need to remember to do for the birthday:

- call Tank and get a list of Saturday morning cartoons to download.
- somehow make two DVDs from the cartoons we can get
- make two cakes shaped like toast or something along those lines
- get Basil to organise silly but fun games like Pass The Parcel and egg and spoon race? or just something more chilled out?
- photocopy the Toast book for recipes for toast
- do we need party bags?
- make kids party food for lunch - jelly in oranges, fairy bread, mini sausages, sandwiches, party pies, mini pizzas? veges and dip and fruit. anything else?? chips! (twisties) and other stuff...

That's all I can think of now!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


So basically we stumbled across the craft market I made DJ meet me in the city for the other night. And in fact Monday night was a night for alternative Melbourne's creative expression.

At Section 8 on the excellent Tattersalls Lane, the Craft Cartel have landed for the first Monday of the month. Worth a browse - I must say it was both inspiring and underwhelming. As a creative person I did walk around thinking, I can't buy that - I can make that myself if I want it... ooh! that's cute... aww I want one, but again - I could make that if I really wanted it.

After dinner (DUMPLINGS!) we went to the rooftop cinema (bar) had vodka lemon slushies and summery sittings around. I heart rooftop bar/cinema. I keep saying bar/cinema because we were there to see a short film and it didn't play till about 10pm and was an interesting experience once it did. The theme was obsession and there were 7 short (3-4minutes each) films made by 7 different people only one of which I really enjoyed. It's possible though, that by that time of night I'd had enough drinks to get sleep enough to not be able to spend much time dwelling on the implied meaning of some of the more obscure ones. Which is my loss, I'm sure. My only real complaint is with alternative types and their love of bad electronic guitar music, well, sounds. It's so grating - and it's like they decided to soundtrack their movie themselves even though they've never learned how to play an instrument. Unfortunately bad electronic music is much too prolific. And I for one object.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all fiction to me

So, basically I had this conversation with my mother and I will reproduce it to you here with photos and slightly more detail from my side of the the conversation as that's (honestly) what I remember better.

Basically the conversation was spurred on by my reading this book series: Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising Sequence (5 books) after having the abysmal experience of reading Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' of which I regret. (now I'm addressing Phil) Sorry Phil - but it's true. While I left the books knowing exactly what YOU believe about whether there's a God or not, once you'd made your point your story completely collapsed and seemed unimportant. I hated that. I didn't pick up your book in order to find out anything about you, I wanted a good story. And for the first book it was good, the story was interesting and engaging, so I bought the second two books at the same time. However, the second book became less about the story, and more about a channel for your sermon.

Contrastingly, Susan Cooper's books, while containing its own world of light and dark, doesn't require you to adopt the beliefs of the author but just temporarily adopt the reality of the book. *sigh* Much better.

In a way I feel bad for Lira and the others, made up into a story that wasn't about them. I feel cheated on their behalf.

Monday, February 25, 2008

All the 'gates' in the world

So, now I've ridden the Golden Gate Bridge and the West Gate Bridge I feel inclined to ride my way around all of the Gate Bridges in the world.. if only there was a way to Google a list of them...

Yesterday team 'Pedal Monkeys' which included me and Franklin and a group of other radically awesomely minded people rode in the MS Melbourne Summer Cycle 40km ride around Melbourne (which you already know included riding over the Westgate Bridge.) Loads of other people did too - although for posterity I have to note that on the way up the bridge we did overtake quite a few people (and were overtaken in our turn) - and we didn't come near to being awarded a prize for uniform or money-raised, but we were pleased with our efforts and especially pleased upon finishing the ride which meant a hot breakfast at Trotters. Surprisingly we got to see Anthony, Louella and Ali and Jen's Jen too which was nice. Afterwards we flaked at Jos' place which meant the boys drank light beers and watched cricket/motor racing and I snoozed on the comfy couch!

Just as a side note, I think my incredibly sore back was in fact caused by the heels I wore to the wedding and the hens night - combined with how I slept on the plane on the way home from EssEff (or is it eSSeFF?) which only occurred to me when I put them on again for S&B's engagement party Saturday night (which we had to leave shamefully early - only two and a half Sangria's and a champagne in! - because of the early start of the MSC the next morning) SO THAT is what it was - I wonder if it's those heels in particular or just that I'm not used to wearing heels... either way this back pain hasn't been worth it. It's only just getting better now which I am amazingly grateful for and is why I can sit at my work desk this morning and write something here.

On another note I watched Casablanca for the first time last night, and experienced Moonlight Cinema as toasty and warm as you please. So here's looking at you kid.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah Oh!

Franklin and I are sitting in a small cafe (with computers and good coffee!) on Haight St in HaightAshbury in EssEff (San Francisco) waisting time having dumped family members at the post-wedding family brunch and 'run off' on our own. The only downside is that I have BaSiL's phone and Tobe's glasses - so hopefully they're gonna be at the music store we're heading for at 2pm so I can give them back. I'm hoping it won't be awkward cause pretty much I chased Franklin out of the door. He was deadly bored with my family.

J and Glitch got married yesterday, it was lovely and fun and the weather was GREAT after being so rainy all the day before, and again today. I hope it stays clear for us to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am allergic to America though - or maybe just the linen on the bed? or the detergent or the water 'cause at the moment I'm completely 'rash faced' which is gross. Sorry to share - but it's the case and it's itchy and almost all I can thinking about when it's going for it itchy. When I'm outside in the cold it's ok - inside is not so good. Argh!! So yeah - as you can tell I'm inside at the moment (cause I'm posting) and so it's itching! Luckily my fingers are fully occupied writing although the number of typos are going up the itchier my face is getting... argh! AGAIN. I'm trying to exercise self control and not scratch my face off.

Can't wait for melbourne and my own sheets. I'll be bringing pillow cases next time I travel! Oh yes.

2.3 minutes left of net use.

Better bail - it's also almost 2pm - so off I go!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Waiting for things to happen is kinda like waiting for it to rain - things build up so slowly then suddenly it's on you and you've forgotten to take the clothes off the line (this has really happened today) and you don't have shoes on = cold wet feet.

In 4 days I'll be on a plane and so far I've written a huge list of the clothes I am going to take, picked up suit cases, but not pulled one thing out of my cupboard and placed it in the case. I think (that should be italicised or underlined) I'll do it tomorrow night... tonight I've wasted very pleasantly sitting around the house lookin at stuff on the net while eddie plays with CSS for her blog/e-commerce site. YOU can check it out at which I always read as "you lover and om" which is funny because that's what happens with companies when they don't think about how their business names translate into urls! youloverandom isn't bad at all, and I'm probably alone in my weird way of reading it, but stuff like - a legal firm's educational site (okay, yes, it's one I built so it springs to mind) isn't a good one - if you have a look all mention of the url on the site capitalises the M and the T so it doesn't say "moore straining" hehe.

So I went against my 'better' judgment and bought a top for the hens night extravaganza, because I could and because Franklin didn't object to coming to AltonaGate with me. I also go some of those airhostess hosiery that support your legs for the plane and for the wedding (SO much standing and sitting coming my way in the next week) so I feel set. I guess once I start packing we'll see how long it takes me to feel like I'm missing something.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

700 have gone

My work is so dis-jointed. It's a bit weird for me at the moment because the 4 major publications I'm working on at the moment are all at the same stage - sourcing images. And they're all kinda similar in theme (of course all being to do with our organisation - so healthy living is key) so I keep getting confused as to what pub I'm looking for images for. It's a bit weird - I guess you have to be me to understand...

Yesterday we drove to Geelong Adventure Park for me to take pics of the kids on camp for our future publications. Pretty fun, but very tiring. I got some good pics - none that I thought were amazing. The park looks fun though - water slide adventures and mini golf etc. We didn't get back till 3:40 ish which meant that I missed a meeting I was going to and piss off my boss - but I bought some chocolate on the way home and I felt better after eating it.

While I bought chocolate (from 'the original lolly shop') I realised I'm about to go to America - the place where giant bags of Reese's Pieces come from! For some reason this, of all things, brought it home to me that I'm about to leave for the US - a-whole-nother country! It's probably because both Glitch and Josh have brought Reese's goodies home with them from their US trips, and now it's me bringing stuff home for my work colleagues.

Here is an image of the adored-by-people-world-wide-but-especially -Franklin-Pieces.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Travelling without moving

So my parents and brother are in New York now - and apparently it's 'Advertisement York' as there's more ads than city to see. Hopefully my brother doesn't come home with a card full of pics of ads. I do feel sorry for you all concerning the price of fruit and vegetables - doesn't sound great. I wonder what the reason things are so expensive is? Is it just that you don't grow much of your own stuff?

Speaking of advertisements - I went to see '27 Dresses' with Amiriche on the weekend while Franklin went on a fishing trip (caught nothing) with some boys. The highlight? There was a boat full of bucks party with a stripper who came out to wave. No fish, but at least they got to see boobies.

'27 Dresses' was great fun - I kept thinking it was by the same people as 'Knocked Up' but it's not it's the people who made 'The Devil Wears Prada' and thankfully 27D wasn't based on a book (that I've read) and therefore (except for Adrian Grenier) was disappointing. I think to be fair I can't recommend you see it at the movies - but if you rent it you'll be well pleased. Quality chick-flick material with some crazy fashion you get to cringe at, unrequited love, a cheeky love interest, lies and deception and a little bit of 'benny and the jets' which makes for a predictable but funny lead into when they finally... well I won't say. What if you haven't seen the movie?

Thursday, January 10, 2008


how's my last post for a whole lotta crap?! well, parts of it are true - but whatever!

So I'm going to America - that's crazy cool news and it'll be great! I found out I can take two bags each weighing 23 'kay gees' each - which is 46kgs each! That's a lotta shopping for a week and a half :)

I'm also (sadly) addicted to Korean films at the moment - more accurately Korean romance-comedies.

It is sad - but they're OH SO GOOD. Some titles I've seen so far (in english):

- Seducing Mr Perfect
- A Romance of Their Own (Taming the Wolves)
- My Tutor Friend
- He was Cool
- Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (not really a romance - but heaps good fun!)

Currently my boss is watching, for the second time, our Diabetes Camps Victoria news spot that was on last night. It's quite a good one for the Camps program.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wishing I could write something profound or interesting

Currently my life is not so much interesting and amazing as it has been. It's great - don't get me wrong. To live being me is fun and interesting and exciting... for me.

I have been through a phase of deep and introspective thinking lately - clarifying my beliefs and considering how much fear has negatively impacted my life. Not specific fear of one thing, but fear of everything probably motivated by fear of myself and the consequences to my actions.

It occurs to me that a large part of growing up is taking into account the possible negative consequences to your actions and acting anyway. Kids act thoughtlessly, without insight and calculation - called innocence yes? As an emerging adult you go through a process of being aware of your impact on other and the far reaching effect of your decisions.

This is probably something everyone knows. Either way I'm now looking at things I've been unable to do, things I have done and reasons I am now the person I am, as a result of the fear I have felt and feel.

It's kind of pathetic. But - then as a thing to deal with it's actually a big deal...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8:21 - the last time I'll be time posting I promise

So, I got in a leetle bit later today than yesterday but I am sitting here only 1 minute later. And, it's the first time I've ridden ridden in two days in a row.

I watched 'Whisper of the heart' (Studio Ghibli) and it was lovely - very leisurely even a little romantic. Most of everyone will find it slow paced and hard to sit through to begin with - especially those who have trouble stopping and relaxing (I admit to being like this myself regularly) but it's worth sticking with.

Franklin talked to Josh last night via GTalk and he's applying for jobs and I messaged Dad and Sam and I think Toby called their hotel.

I didn't talk to anyone but Franklin! Oh, and Eddie and Kim. Which means I should delete that sentence. *bleah* I'm not.

Monday, January 07, 2008

10 minutes before work starts

So - work will start in 10 minutes and this is a small 'new year resolution' I made to actually write stuff in here when I ride into work and while I eat breakfast at my desk. I never make time to write anymore and I should.

It's now 2008 - been some months since the last post. Lots has happened but I think I put down the buying a house in the last post - I can't remember. My brother is getting married on Australia Day - in San Fransisco *pauses to put hairpin in hair* so we'll not be having our usual Hottest 100 BBQ run by the Monkey!Krew cause most of us originals will actually be in America.

I'm hoping the 'everything's cheap in America' thing turns out to be true - we're hoping to pick up some bike gear and some clothes...

Today is the first cool-ish (22 degrees celcius) work day for a while - not that inside the office is cool at all *bleah* But it'll be lovely at lunchtime. I forgot to bring that blanket though - I keep meaning to bring one to sit in a park and eat lunch on. I'm riding tomorrow I hope so I'll bring it then!

Better go! It's now 8:29...