Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah Oh!

Franklin and I are sitting in a small cafe (with computers and good coffee!) on Haight St in HaightAshbury in EssEff (San Francisco) waisting time having dumped family members at the post-wedding family brunch and 'run off' on our own. The only downside is that I have BaSiL's phone and Tobe's glasses - so hopefully they're gonna be at the music store we're heading for at 2pm so I can give them back. I'm hoping it won't be awkward cause pretty much I chased Franklin out of the door. He was deadly bored with my family.

J and Glitch got married yesterday, it was lovely and fun and the weather was GREAT after being so rainy all the day before, and again today. I hope it stays clear for us to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am allergic to America though - or maybe just the linen on the bed? or the detergent or the water 'cause at the moment I'm completely 'rash faced' which is gross. Sorry to share - but it's the case and it's itchy and almost all I can thinking about when it's going for it itchy. When I'm outside in the cold it's ok - inside is not so good. Argh!! So yeah - as you can tell I'm inside at the moment (cause I'm posting) and so it's itching! Luckily my fingers are fully occupied writing although the number of typos are going up the itchier my face is getting... argh! AGAIN. I'm trying to exercise self control and not scratch my face off.

Can't wait for melbourne and my own sheets. I'll be bringing pillow cases next time I travel! Oh yes.

2.3 minutes left of net use.

Better bail - it's also almost 2pm - so off I go!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Waiting for things to happen is kinda like waiting for it to rain - things build up so slowly then suddenly it's on you and you've forgotten to take the clothes off the line (this has really happened today) and you don't have shoes on = cold wet feet.

In 4 days I'll be on a plane and so far I've written a huge list of the clothes I am going to take, picked up suit cases, but not pulled one thing out of my cupboard and placed it in the case. I think (that should be italicised or underlined) I'll do it tomorrow night... tonight I've wasted very pleasantly sitting around the house lookin at stuff on the net while eddie plays with CSS for her blog/e-commerce site. YOU can check it out at which I always read as "you lover and om" which is funny because that's what happens with companies when they don't think about how their business names translate into urls! youloverandom isn't bad at all, and I'm probably alone in my weird way of reading it, but stuff like - a legal firm's educational site (okay, yes, it's one I built so it springs to mind) isn't a good one - if you have a look all mention of the url on the site capitalises the M and the T so it doesn't say "moore straining" hehe.

So I went against my 'better' judgment and bought a top for the hens night extravaganza, because I could and because Franklin didn't object to coming to AltonaGate with me. I also go some of those airhostess hosiery that support your legs for the plane and for the wedding (SO much standing and sitting coming my way in the next week) so I feel set. I guess once I start packing we'll see how long it takes me to feel like I'm missing something.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

700 have gone

My work is so dis-jointed. It's a bit weird for me at the moment because the 4 major publications I'm working on at the moment are all at the same stage - sourcing images. And they're all kinda similar in theme (of course all being to do with our organisation - so healthy living is key) so I keep getting confused as to what pub I'm looking for images for. It's a bit weird - I guess you have to be me to understand...

Yesterday we drove to Geelong Adventure Park for me to take pics of the kids on camp for our future publications. Pretty fun, but very tiring. I got some good pics - none that I thought were amazing. The park looks fun though - water slide adventures and mini golf etc. We didn't get back till 3:40 ish which meant that I missed a meeting I was going to and piss off my boss - but I bought some chocolate on the way home and I felt better after eating it.

While I bought chocolate (from 'the original lolly shop') I realised I'm about to go to America - the place where giant bags of Reese's Pieces come from! For some reason this, of all things, brought it home to me that I'm about to leave for the US - a-whole-nother country! It's probably because both Glitch and Josh have brought Reese's goodies home with them from their US trips, and now it's me bringing stuff home for my work colleagues.

Here is an image of the adored-by-people-world-wide-but-especially -Franklin-Pieces.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Travelling without moving

So my parents and brother are in New York now - and apparently it's 'Advertisement York' as there's more ads than city to see. Hopefully my brother doesn't come home with a card full of pics of ads. I do feel sorry for you all concerning the price of fruit and vegetables - doesn't sound great. I wonder what the reason things are so expensive is? Is it just that you don't grow much of your own stuff?

Speaking of advertisements - I went to see '27 Dresses' with Amiriche on the weekend while Franklin went on a fishing trip (caught nothing) with some boys. The highlight? There was a boat full of bucks party with a stripper who came out to wave. No fish, but at least they got to see boobies.

'27 Dresses' was great fun - I kept thinking it was by the same people as 'Knocked Up' but it's not it's the people who made 'The Devil Wears Prada' and thankfully 27D wasn't based on a book (that I've read) and therefore (except for Adrian Grenier) was disappointing. I think to be fair I can't recommend you see it at the movies - but if you rent it you'll be well pleased. Quality chick-flick material with some crazy fashion you get to cringe at, unrequited love, a cheeky love interest, lies and deception and a little bit of 'benny and the jets' which makes for a predictable but funny lead into when they finally... well I won't say. What if you haven't seen the movie?

Thursday, January 10, 2008


how's my last post for a whole lotta crap?! well, parts of it are true - but whatever!

So I'm going to America - that's crazy cool news and it'll be great! I found out I can take two bags each weighing 23 'kay gees' each - which is 46kgs each! That's a lotta shopping for a week and a half :)

I'm also (sadly) addicted to Korean films at the moment - more accurately Korean romance-comedies.

It is sad - but they're OH SO GOOD. Some titles I've seen so far (in english):

- Seducing Mr Perfect
- A Romance of Their Own (Taming the Wolves)
- My Tutor Friend
- He was Cool
- Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (not really a romance - but heaps good fun!)

Currently my boss is watching, for the second time, our Diabetes Camps Victoria news spot that was on last night. It's quite a good one for the Camps program.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wishing I could write something profound or interesting

Currently my life is not so much interesting and amazing as it has been. It's great - don't get me wrong. To live being me is fun and interesting and exciting... for me.

I have been through a phase of deep and introspective thinking lately - clarifying my beliefs and considering how much fear has negatively impacted my life. Not specific fear of one thing, but fear of everything probably motivated by fear of myself and the consequences to my actions.

It occurs to me that a large part of growing up is taking into account the possible negative consequences to your actions and acting anyway. Kids act thoughtlessly, without insight and calculation - called innocence yes? As an emerging adult you go through a process of being aware of your impact on other and the far reaching effect of your decisions.

This is probably something everyone knows. Either way I'm now looking at things I've been unable to do, things I have done and reasons I am now the person I am, as a result of the fear I have felt and feel.

It's kind of pathetic. But - then as a thing to deal with it's actually a big deal...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8:21 - the last time I'll be time posting I promise

So, I got in a leetle bit later today than yesterday but I am sitting here only 1 minute later. And, it's the first time I've ridden ridden in two days in a row.

I watched 'Whisper of the heart' (Studio Ghibli) and it was lovely - very leisurely even a little romantic. Most of everyone will find it slow paced and hard to sit through to begin with - especially those who have trouble stopping and relaxing (I admit to being like this myself regularly) but it's worth sticking with.

Franklin talked to Josh last night via GTalk and he's applying for jobs and I messaged Dad and Sam and I think Toby called their hotel.

I didn't talk to anyone but Franklin! Oh, and Eddie and Kim. Which means I should delete that sentence. *bleah* I'm not.

Monday, January 07, 2008

10 minutes before work starts

So - work will start in 10 minutes and this is a small 'new year resolution' I made to actually write stuff in here when I ride into work and while I eat breakfast at my desk. I never make time to write anymore and I should.

It's now 2008 - been some months since the last post. Lots has happened but I think I put down the buying a house in the last post - I can't remember. My brother is getting married on Australia Day - in San Fransisco *pauses to put hairpin in hair* so we'll not be having our usual Hottest 100 BBQ run by the Monkey!Krew cause most of us originals will actually be in America.

I'm hoping the 'everything's cheap in America' thing turns out to be true - we're hoping to pick up some bike gear and some clothes...

Today is the first cool-ish (22 degrees celcius) work day for a while - not that inside the office is cool at all *bleah* But it'll be lovely at lunchtime. I forgot to bring that blanket though - I keep meaning to bring one to sit in a park and eat lunch on. I'm riding tomorrow I hope so I'll bring it then!

Better go! It's now 8:29...