Monday, January 07, 2008

10 minutes before work starts

So - work will start in 10 minutes and this is a small 'new year resolution' I made to actually write stuff in here when I ride into work and while I eat breakfast at my desk. I never make time to write anymore and I should.

It's now 2008 - been some months since the last post. Lots has happened but I think I put down the buying a house in the last post - I can't remember. My brother is getting married on Australia Day - in San Fransisco *pauses to put hairpin in hair* so we'll not be having our usual Hottest 100 BBQ run by the Monkey!Krew cause most of us originals will actually be in America.

I'm hoping the 'everything's cheap in America' thing turns out to be true - we're hoping to pick up some bike gear and some clothes...

Today is the first cool-ish (22 degrees celcius) work day for a while - not that inside the office is cool at all *bleah* But it'll be lovely at lunchtime. I forgot to bring that blanket though - I keep meaning to bring one to sit in a park and eat lunch on. I'm riding tomorrow I hope so I'll bring it then!

Better go! It's now 8:29...

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