Thursday, January 17, 2008

700 have gone

My work is so dis-jointed. It's a bit weird for me at the moment because the 4 major publications I'm working on at the moment are all at the same stage - sourcing images. And they're all kinda similar in theme (of course all being to do with our organisation - so healthy living is key) so I keep getting confused as to what pub I'm looking for images for. It's a bit weird - I guess you have to be me to understand...

Yesterday we drove to Geelong Adventure Park for me to take pics of the kids on camp for our future publications. Pretty fun, but very tiring. I got some good pics - none that I thought were amazing. The park looks fun though - water slide adventures and mini golf etc. We didn't get back till 3:40 ish which meant that I missed a meeting I was going to and piss off my boss - but I bought some chocolate on the way home and I felt better after eating it.

While I bought chocolate (from 'the original lolly shop') I realised I'm about to go to America - the place where giant bags of Reese's Pieces come from! For some reason this, of all things, brought it home to me that I'm about to leave for the US - a-whole-nother country! It's probably because both Glitch and Josh have brought Reese's goodies home with them from their US trips, and now it's me bringing stuff home for my work colleagues.

Here is an image of the adored-by-people-world-wide-but-especially -Franklin-Pieces.

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