Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8:21 - the last time I'll be time posting I promise

So, I got in a leetle bit later today than yesterday but I am sitting here only 1 minute later. And, it's the first time I've ridden ridden in two days in a row.

I watched 'Whisper of the heart' (Studio Ghibli) and it was lovely - very leisurely even a little romantic. Most of everyone will find it slow paced and hard to sit through to begin with - especially those who have trouble stopping and relaxing (I admit to being like this myself regularly) but it's worth sticking with.

Franklin talked to Josh last night via GTalk and he's applying for jobs and I messaged Dad and Sam and I think Toby called their hotel.

I didn't talk to anyone but Franklin! Oh, and Eddie and Kim. Which means I should delete that sentence. *bleah* I'm not.

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