Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah Oh!

Franklin and I are sitting in a small cafe (with computers and good coffee!) on Haight St in HaightAshbury in EssEff (San Francisco) waisting time having dumped family members at the post-wedding family brunch and 'run off' on our own. The only downside is that I have BaSiL's phone and Tobe's glasses - so hopefully they're gonna be at the music store we're heading for at 2pm so I can give them back. I'm hoping it won't be awkward cause pretty much I chased Franklin out of the door. He was deadly bored with my family.

J and Glitch got married yesterday, it was lovely and fun and the weather was GREAT after being so rainy all the day before, and again today. I hope it stays clear for us to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am allergic to America though - or maybe just the linen on the bed? or the detergent or the water 'cause at the moment I'm completely 'rash faced' which is gross. Sorry to share - but it's the case and it's itchy and almost all I can thinking about when it's going for it itchy. When I'm outside in the cold it's ok - inside is not so good. Argh!! So yeah - as you can tell I'm inside at the moment (cause I'm posting) and so it's itching! Luckily my fingers are fully occupied writing although the number of typos are going up the itchier my face is getting... argh! AGAIN. I'm trying to exercise self control and not scratch my face off.

Can't wait for melbourne and my own sheets. I'll be bringing pillow cases next time I travel! Oh yes.

2.3 minutes left of net use.

Better bail - it's also almost 2pm - so off I go!

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