Thursday, January 10, 2008


how's my last post for a whole lotta crap?! well, parts of it are true - but whatever!

So I'm going to America - that's crazy cool news and it'll be great! I found out I can take two bags each weighing 23 'kay gees' each - which is 46kgs each! That's a lotta shopping for a week and a half :)

I'm also (sadly) addicted to Korean films at the moment - more accurately Korean romance-comedies.

It is sad - but they're OH SO GOOD. Some titles I've seen so far (in english):

- Seducing Mr Perfect
- A Romance of Their Own (Taming the Wolves)
- My Tutor Friend
- He was Cool
- Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (not really a romance - but heaps good fun!)

Currently my boss is watching, for the second time, our Diabetes Camps Victoria news spot that was on last night. It's quite a good one for the Camps program.

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