Saturday, January 19, 2008


Waiting for things to happen is kinda like waiting for it to rain - things build up so slowly then suddenly it's on you and you've forgotten to take the clothes off the line (this has really happened today) and you don't have shoes on = cold wet feet.

In 4 days I'll be on a plane and so far I've written a huge list of the clothes I am going to take, picked up suit cases, but not pulled one thing out of my cupboard and placed it in the case. I think (that should be italicised or underlined) I'll do it tomorrow night... tonight I've wasted very pleasantly sitting around the house lookin at stuff on the net while eddie plays with CSS for her blog/e-commerce site. YOU can check it out at which I always read as "you lover and om" which is funny because that's what happens with companies when they don't think about how their business names translate into urls! youloverandom isn't bad at all, and I'm probably alone in my weird way of reading it, but stuff like - a legal firm's educational site (okay, yes, it's one I built so it springs to mind) isn't a good one - if you have a look all mention of the url on the site capitalises the M and the T so it doesn't say "moore straining" hehe.

So I went against my 'better' judgment and bought a top for the hens night extravaganza, because I could and because Franklin didn't object to coming to AltonaGate with me. I also go some of those airhostess hosiery that support your legs for the plane and for the wedding (SO much standing and sitting coming my way in the next week) so I feel set. I guess once I start packing we'll see how long it takes me to feel like I'm missing something.


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