Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Travelling without moving

So my parents and brother are in New York now - and apparently it's 'Advertisement York' as there's more ads than city to see. Hopefully my brother doesn't come home with a card full of pics of ads. I do feel sorry for you all concerning the price of fruit and vegetables - doesn't sound great. I wonder what the reason things are so expensive is? Is it just that you don't grow much of your own stuff?

Speaking of advertisements - I went to see '27 Dresses' with Amiriche on the weekend while Franklin went on a fishing trip (caught nothing) with some boys. The highlight? There was a boat full of bucks party with a stripper who came out to wave. No fish, but at least they got to see boobies.

'27 Dresses' was great fun - I kept thinking it was by the same people as 'Knocked Up' but it's not it's the people who made 'The Devil Wears Prada' and thankfully 27D wasn't based on a book (that I've read) and therefore (except for Adrian Grenier) was disappointing. I think to be fair I can't recommend you see it at the movies - but if you rent it you'll be well pleased. Quality chick-flick material with some crazy fashion you get to cringe at, unrequited love, a cheeky love interest, lies and deception and a little bit of 'benny and the jets' which makes for a predictable but funny lead into when they finally... well I won't say. What if you haven't seen the movie?

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