Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all fiction to me

So, basically I had this conversation with my mother and I will reproduce it to you here with photos and slightly more detail from my side of the the conversation as that's (honestly) what I remember better.

Basically the conversation was spurred on by my reading this book series: Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising Sequence (5 books) after having the abysmal experience of reading Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' of which I regret. (now I'm addressing Phil) Sorry Phil - but it's true. While I left the books knowing exactly what YOU believe about whether there's a God or not, once you'd made your point your story completely collapsed and seemed unimportant. I hated that. I didn't pick up your book in order to find out anything about you, I wanted a good story. And for the first book it was good, the story was interesting and engaging, so I bought the second two books at the same time. However, the second book became less about the story, and more about a channel for your sermon.

Contrastingly, Susan Cooper's books, while containing its own world of light and dark, doesn't require you to adopt the beliefs of the author but just temporarily adopt the reality of the book. *sigh* Much better.

In a way I feel bad for Lira and the others, made up into a story that wasn't about them. I feel cheated on their behalf.

Monday, February 25, 2008

All the 'gates' in the world

So, now I've ridden the Golden Gate Bridge and the West Gate Bridge I feel inclined to ride my way around all of the Gate Bridges in the world.. if only there was a way to Google a list of them...

Yesterday team 'Pedal Monkeys' which included me and Franklin and a group of other radically awesomely minded people rode in the MS Melbourne Summer Cycle 40km ride around Melbourne (which you already know included riding over the Westgate Bridge.) Loads of other people did too - although for posterity I have to note that on the way up the bridge we did overtake quite a few people (and were overtaken in our turn) - and we didn't come near to being awarded a prize for uniform or money-raised, but we were pleased with our efforts and especially pleased upon finishing the ride which meant a hot breakfast at Trotters. Surprisingly we got to see Anthony, Louella and Ali and Jen's Jen too which was nice. Afterwards we flaked at Jos' place which meant the boys drank light beers and watched cricket/motor racing and I snoozed on the comfy couch!

Just as a side note, I think my incredibly sore back was in fact caused by the heels I wore to the wedding and the hens night - combined with how I slept on the plane on the way home from EssEff (or is it eSSeFF?) which only occurred to me when I put them on again for S&B's engagement party Saturday night (which we had to leave shamefully early - only two and a half Sangria's and a champagne in! - because of the early start of the MSC the next morning) SO THAT is what it was - I wonder if it's those heels in particular or just that I'm not used to wearing heels... either way this back pain hasn't been worth it. It's only just getting better now which I am amazingly grateful for and is why I can sit at my work desk this morning and write something here.

On another note I watched Casablanca for the first time last night, and experienced Moonlight Cinema as toasty and warm as you please. So here's looking at you kid.