Monday, March 31, 2008


Just a small note to say that I have now officially spent my work day speaking like the characters from Scrubs - ok, not all of them but Dr Cox (how does that work!?) JD and Carla, plus I have now clearly identified my husbands relationship with his best friend as more like his first "marriage" ala JD and Turk and this, ladies and gentlemen, means I am the second wife which is saddening.

But, like Carla, I am taking it my stride. I would just like to thank God that they have not yet discovered walking talkie watches, the horror!

Also, my 'buzz' word at the moment is "Ridiculous" so keep your ears out for me labeling everything from the place I work to Google searching the word and being astounded by what I find there. A short list:

1. The 13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows to Ever Get Green-Lit. Thirteen shows stupider than that anything you've ever seen (not counting Mexican TV).

2. Ridiculous Infomercial Review chronicles the shameless exaggeration, tasteless products, and pure hokum dispensed by tacky TV infomercials.

3. YouTube - The best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed This fight is complete with knife licking, shirt tearing ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Everyone's on Camp

Well, not really everyone. Franklin is - which is effecting me more than other people being on camp (not that I don't love you to pieces BaSiL - you and the rest of the crew who're camping in the rain at the moment) It's just that DJ is there when I'm home and when I'm falling asleep and when I'm cold so I can't fall asleep... and now he's not. *pout*

I hope he's having fun though - and being useful. And I'm not whining cause I know I put him up to going.. I know.

Last night I was so tired from not having slept at all well Wednesday night (I know it's stupid but home alone I notice the things that go bump, squeak and creak in the night) that I did sleep well and that has encouraged me that tonight might be better again. Also I am armed with going out for drinks tonight, which will assist in the sleeping, and season 5 of Scrubs which will assist if I can't sleep :) I stole it from my parent's house as there is no one there who would appreciate it. I also stole Love Actually which is Aqua's and will find some time to indulge in a girly movie on the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend I am s'posed to be catching up with old workmates tomorrow sometime - but I haven't heard if it's definitely on... better go make a phone call about that.

Anyone doing anything fun Saturday night?

Monday, March 17, 2008

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?
Good question my work colleague, good question.

The next question is - when was it??

Was it Friday last? Will it be next week, after easter? I hope Irish people aren't as confused as I am - in token of my confusion here's something slightly amusing, and confusingly (in)appropriate I found when I google image searched 'St Patrick's day.' 'Cause why not?!
If you don't get it - Dr Banner is The Hulk - who is also green. Have I explained away how it was ever funny? Maybe... heeee!

PS - I am sick and my brain is a bit confusticated. And I'm annoyed because who gets a cold out of a heat stroke in March in Melbourne???? It's 39 degrees celcius outside and I'm sniveling and sneezing, and feeling a little sorry for myself and blaming that child on the train last week who didn't cover his mouth when he coughed at me... the country is going to the dogs people. The dogs. The bad ones, not Gemma or Basil - it'd be good if the country went to them, they're nice and obedient - so really the country wouldn't be theirs if it went to them... ok - what am I saying?? Stop writing now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Matrioshka - Babushka

People can do cool things with anything! Case in point: Hand painted Russian nesting dolls, or Matrioshka Dolls, comissioned by The Wurst Gallery and "The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal." I'm not saying this kind of cool thing doesn't happen all the time these days - cause it does - but it's always nice to come across it.

Especially the art of graffiti removal, which tickles my accidental art bone, I'm a sucker for that stuff!! Photocopier errors, print errors, spilled paint, and especially graf removal. I like graffiti - not tagging - the good stuff. I could even do it myself, if I could come at illegally 'decorating' someone's wall...

But often it happens that people paint over graffiti in whatever they have on hand, not considering that glare-y pink paint isn't possibly MORE offensive to the cornea than the original tag/piece, they paint in large irregular strokes in an unsual shape and leave it, satisfied with a good job done, probably with every intention of coming back and painting it beige, or brown or whatever the original colour was.

Besides often being funny, it can look really good.

Apparently it's called 'fleeting' by Marshall Sokoloff - because of the momentary nature of this kind of art, captured in a photo or for a week it looks good, but the next week it's changed again and lost 'it' or whatever it was that gave the wall appeal.

On top of that there are people that analysis and critic if this kind of art is actually 'art' as there is no intent. "Waa" is what I say to that. I say it's art, and this is not the vehicle (or blog) for balanced and ultra thought out commentary/argument.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Noteable amusments

Tonight, Franklin had a "brain fart." It was so funny, I told him "I'm blogging this" and so here I am, true to my word.

So, "it was night (late at night)" and Franklin (F) and I are leaving my parent's house via the back door, the usual door. I have my bike and F has not, unusually. The motion detecting light is not switched on. It's dark. I head off (right) to get my bike. F heads off (left) to the gate.

He looks over at me and thinks, "it looks like C (that's me) is wearing a skirt, but no, she's not. Am I?" And then he glances down at his own legs just to check and thinks, "no, I'm not". Suddenly he catches himself thinking what is a perfectly ridiculous thought and loses his sanity.

He recovers enough to tell me the 'story' and we both laugh merrily up the hill all the way home.

The end.

Birthday travels

I just stumbled across this place this morning - Vin Wine Cellar. It looks like a great place to have a birthday party... for someone classy and nearly 30... And it's in Prahran - very fancy.

The place seems somehow related the The Argo - which looks like a similar kind of place. Either place look like they're worth a visit, even just as an excuse for an outing to a NEW place to sit around in drinking good wine and eating and chating. The words "Because all our wines are available at bottle shop prices (plus $5 corkage) you will find that your wine bill will be up to half what you'd expect at other restaurants" sound very encouraging - especially for the wine lovers! Nothing is mentioned as to food and quality of the food however...

Friday, March 07, 2008

look what I found

So, here's some cool things and purchases :)

Mod cloth! Has fun things like this necklace (it's a tree so it's not surprising I love it!) friendly forest wall art, and hi-top socks! I'm not such a HUGE fan of their clothes - as I'm not an indie chick - but love the site and the coats and silly accessories. Not stuff I think I could make myself, and not super expensive! I think I'll be purchasing the wall art when my credit card resets next week!!! Oh yea, I gots the perfect spot for it.

30th birthdays

Well, this is a year for big birthday celebrations. Mum is 60! and Kim, Franklin and Tank are all 30!

So Franklin's is first - and one I have a hand in organising. And as such, and because Franklin never had a kids birthday party - it's gonna be themed like a fun kids party. But centering around toast - and breakfast! This is a list for my reference of things I need to remember to do for the birthday:

- call Tank and get a list of Saturday morning cartoons to download.
- somehow make two DVDs from the cartoons we can get
- make two cakes shaped like toast or something along those lines
- get Basil to organise silly but fun games like Pass The Parcel and egg and spoon race? or just something more chilled out?
- photocopy the Toast book for recipes for toast
- do we need party bags?
- make kids party food for lunch - jelly in oranges, fairy bread, mini sausages, sandwiches, party pies, mini pizzas? veges and dip and fruit. anything else?? chips! (twisties) and other stuff...

That's all I can think of now!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


So basically we stumbled across the craft market I made DJ meet me in the city for the other night. And in fact Monday night was a night for alternative Melbourne's creative expression.

At Section 8 on the excellent Tattersalls Lane, the Craft Cartel have landed for the first Monday of the month. Worth a browse - I must say it was both inspiring and underwhelming. As a creative person I did walk around thinking, I can't buy that - I can make that myself if I want it... ooh! that's cute... aww I want one, but again - I could make that if I really wanted it.

After dinner (DUMPLINGS!) we went to the rooftop cinema (bar) had vodka lemon slushies and summery sittings around. I heart rooftop bar/cinema. I keep saying bar/cinema because we were there to see a short film and it didn't play till about 10pm and was an interesting experience once it did. The theme was obsession and there were 7 short (3-4minutes each) films made by 7 different people only one of which I really enjoyed. It's possible though, that by that time of night I'd had enough drinks to get sleep enough to not be able to spend much time dwelling on the implied meaning of some of the more obscure ones. Which is my loss, I'm sure. My only real complaint is with alternative types and their love of bad electronic guitar music, well, sounds. It's so grating - and it's like they decided to soundtrack their movie themselves even though they've never learned how to play an instrument. Unfortunately bad electronic music is much too prolific. And I for one object.