Friday, March 07, 2008

30th birthdays

Well, this is a year for big birthday celebrations. Mum is 60! and Kim, Franklin and Tank are all 30!

So Franklin's is first - and one I have a hand in organising. And as such, and because Franklin never had a kids birthday party - it's gonna be themed like a fun kids party. But centering around toast - and breakfast! This is a list for my reference of things I need to remember to do for the birthday:

- call Tank and get a list of Saturday morning cartoons to download.
- somehow make two DVDs from the cartoons we can get
- make two cakes shaped like toast or something along those lines
- get Basil to organise silly but fun games like Pass The Parcel and egg and spoon race? or just something more chilled out?
- photocopy the Toast book for recipes for toast
- do we need party bags?
- make kids party food for lunch - jelly in oranges, fairy bread, mini sausages, sandwiches, party pies, mini pizzas? veges and dip and fruit. anything else?? chips! (twisties) and other stuff...

That's all I can think of now!

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BaSiL said...

hi cordelia,

we totally need party bags! Its not a kids party without party bags and those ridiculous animal shaped hats.

i would totally love to do games! pass the parcel is a must, three legged races, balloon race, we could turn the donut eating one (donuts on string) into TOAST on string! in fact, i could put toast in pretty much all of the games, hahaha.

pass the parcel can be chilled out if thats the theme you're going for, so can a few other fun ones as well. we can brainstorm :)

when is the date of said party?


ps. i have been occasionally reading your blog and i find it quite enjoyable - i didnt know you went to a craft market! i am at basil-sings if you'd like to have a read of my very random and rare musings.