Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday travels

I just stumbled across this place this morning - Vin Wine Cellar. It looks like a great place to have a birthday party... for someone classy and nearly 30... And it's in Prahran - very fancy.

The place seems somehow related the The Argo - which looks like a similar kind of place. Either place look like they're worth a visit, even just as an excuse for an outing to a NEW place to sit around in drinking good wine and eating and chating. The words "Because all our wines are available at bottle shop prices (plus $5 corkage) you will find that your wine bill will be up to half what you'd expect at other restaurants" sound very encouraging - especially for the wine lovers! Nothing is mentioned as to food and quality of the food however...

1 comment:

Aqua said...

They both look pretty cool. I believe a night out in the name of "research" is required.