Thursday, March 06, 2008


So basically we stumbled across the craft market I made DJ meet me in the city for the other night. And in fact Monday night was a night for alternative Melbourne's creative expression.

At Section 8 on the excellent Tattersalls Lane, the Craft Cartel have landed for the first Monday of the month. Worth a browse - I must say it was both inspiring and underwhelming. As a creative person I did walk around thinking, I can't buy that - I can make that myself if I want it... ooh! that's cute... aww I want one, but again - I could make that if I really wanted it.

After dinner (DUMPLINGS!) we went to the rooftop cinema (bar) had vodka lemon slushies and summery sittings around. I heart rooftop bar/cinema. I keep saying bar/cinema because we were there to see a short film and it didn't play till about 10pm and was an interesting experience once it did. The theme was obsession and there were 7 short (3-4minutes each) films made by 7 different people only one of which I really enjoyed. It's possible though, that by that time of night I'd had enough drinks to get sleep enough to not be able to spend much time dwelling on the implied meaning of some of the more obscure ones. Which is my loss, I'm sure. My only real complaint is with alternative types and their love of bad electronic guitar music, well, sounds. It's so grating - and it's like they decided to soundtrack their movie themselves even though they've never learned how to play an instrument. Unfortunately bad electronic music is much too prolific. And I for one object.

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