Friday, March 28, 2008

Everyone's on Camp

Well, not really everyone. Franklin is - which is effecting me more than other people being on camp (not that I don't love you to pieces BaSiL - you and the rest of the crew who're camping in the rain at the moment) It's just that DJ is there when I'm home and when I'm falling asleep and when I'm cold so I can't fall asleep... and now he's not. *pout*

I hope he's having fun though - and being useful. And I'm not whining cause I know I put him up to going.. I know.

Last night I was so tired from not having slept at all well Wednesday night (I know it's stupid but home alone I notice the things that go bump, squeak and creak in the night) that I did sleep well and that has encouraged me that tonight might be better again. Also I am armed with going out for drinks tonight, which will assist in the sleeping, and season 5 of Scrubs which will assist if I can't sleep :) I stole it from my parent's house as there is no one there who would appreciate it. I also stole Love Actually which is Aqua's and will find some time to indulge in a girly movie on the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend I am s'posed to be catching up with old workmates tomorrow sometime - but I haven't heard if it's definitely on... better go make a phone call about that.

Anyone doing anything fun Saturday night?


Aqua said...

Lets do something saturday. There definitely needs to be drinking involved.

BaSiL said...

i'll have to steal season 5 scrubs back off you - i haven't watched it yet and it officially belongs to the library!