Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Matrioshka - Babushka

People can do cool things with anything! Case in point: Hand painted Russian nesting dolls, or Matrioshka Dolls, comissioned by The Wurst Gallery and "The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal." I'm not saying this kind of cool thing doesn't happen all the time these days - cause it does - but it's always nice to come across it.

Especially the art of graffiti removal, which tickles my accidental art bone, I'm a sucker for that stuff!! Photocopier errors, print errors, spilled paint, and especially graf removal. I like graffiti - not tagging - the good stuff. I could even do it myself, if I could come at illegally 'decorating' someone's wall...

But often it happens that people paint over graffiti in whatever they have on hand, not considering that glare-y pink paint isn't possibly MORE offensive to the cornea than the original tag/piece, they paint in large irregular strokes in an unsual shape and leave it, satisfied with a good job done, probably with every intention of coming back and painting it beige, or brown or whatever the original colour was.

Besides often being funny, it can look really good.

Apparently it's called 'fleeting' by Marshall Sokoloff - because of the momentary nature of this kind of art, captured in a photo or for a week it looks good, but the next week it's changed again and lost 'it' or whatever it was that gave the wall appeal.

On top of that there are people that analysis and critic if this kind of art is actually 'art' as there is no intent. "Waa" is what I say to that. I say it's art, and this is not the vehicle (or blog) for balanced and ultra thought out commentary/argument.

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