Monday, March 31, 2008


Just a small note to say that I have now officially spent my work day speaking like the characters from Scrubs - ok, not all of them but Dr Cox (how does that work!?) JD and Carla, plus I have now clearly identified my husbands relationship with his best friend as more like his first "marriage" ala JD and Turk and this, ladies and gentlemen, means I am the second wife which is saddening.

But, like Carla, I am taking it my stride. I would just like to thank God that they have not yet discovered walking talkie watches, the horror!

Also, my 'buzz' word at the moment is "Ridiculous" so keep your ears out for me labeling everything from the place I work to Google searching the word and being astounded by what I find there. A short list:

1. The 13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows to Ever Get Green-Lit. Thirteen shows stupider than that anything you've ever seen (not counting Mexican TV).

2. Ridiculous Infomercial Review chronicles the shameless exaggeration, tasteless products, and pure hokum dispensed by tacky TV infomercials.

3. YouTube - The best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed This fight is complete with knife licking, shirt tearing ...

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