Monday, March 17, 2008

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?

So why isn't today St Patrick's Day?
Good question my work colleague, good question.

The next question is - when was it??

Was it Friday last? Will it be next week, after easter? I hope Irish people aren't as confused as I am - in token of my confusion here's something slightly amusing, and confusingly (in)appropriate I found when I google image searched 'St Patrick's day.' 'Cause why not?!
If you don't get it - Dr Banner is The Hulk - who is also green. Have I explained away how it was ever funny? Maybe... heeee!

PS - I am sick and my brain is a bit confusticated. And I'm annoyed because who gets a cold out of a heat stroke in March in Melbourne???? It's 39 degrees celcius outside and I'm sniveling and sneezing, and feeling a little sorry for myself and blaming that child on the train last week who didn't cover his mouth when he coughed at me... the country is going to the dogs people. The dogs. The bad ones, not Gemma or Basil - it'd be good if the country went to them, they're nice and obedient - so really the country wouldn't be theirs if it went to them... ok - what am I saying?? Stop writing now.

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