Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kit me out

Fit me a pair of RMC (nee. Red Monkey Jeans) jeans, and I'll be a happy lady. Even if they're baggy - check how cool!!!

MARTIN YAT MING AKA MARTIN KSOHOH is the designer of these crazy denims, Hong Kong born but raised in Japan, we may not be surprised to read this quote from his profile:

“Considering the Hong Kong originated international brand’s short market history, RMC’s design and products receiving acclaim and positive appraisal from around the world during the past few years are great motivation for us to excel and give our best endeavours” - Martin.

And that the brand's by line is 'You never try, you never know.' Short and sweet - but hardly enough to convey how cool the panels on these jeans are. Lately they've had a bunch of hassles with fakes which is always hard for a designer who's unique, but then, it's a sure sign of success too - so I'm not sure how sad he should be.

The brand concept is influenced by his Japanese upbringing, and constructed with specially modified colored cotton, woven into selvage denim. The brand is named after Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by Japanese native "YAMANE", creator of the "AVISYA TAILOR" retail concept (ref. Kit Me Out) which I can't find any information about - so I'm not sure it's interesting info except for how he got his brand.

Monday, April 28, 2008

goings on

So, we're finally going to go out and get C (C's me!) smashed on Tequila!

Before we do that we're going to go an see Phibs and Deb exhibit at Hogan Gallery, which will be great - I haven't been there for a really long time, since before Katho went to uni in 'far far away'.

Meanwhile - this is another exhib I'd like to go to. "Maybe we have met before?" featuring some of my favourite artists that draw for Frankie magazine and illustrations I long for. Pretty things... mmmm. Anyone wanna come?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another one

So I'm back at work this week, which isn't good but I'm coping. I'm not sure that my back isn't sorer today than it was Monday - but tomorrow is the last day of the week so I think I'll cope.

In the last couple of days we have discovered Skype, and because of this I have seen my friends in Adelaide and my sister-in-law in Nth Ringwood and feel like we've caught up fairly properly (the only thing missing was a cup of tea). This is all thanks to my having dropped my laptop and bunged the screen, and for only $100 we have a new laptop, 2008 edition with Vista (Business Pro) and an inbuilt web cam and mic. This is exciting as I'm hoping I can talk to my bro in LA with it - but has already been a great way to catch up with people in Australia. I haven't used Skype enough to complain about it yet - that may come.

The other night Franklin gave me some hair clips and I was wearing them so we took a pic with the webcam.

The little alien is like a 'frame' the webcam can have - examples include making you look like you're in a 'Wanted' poster and other embarrassing/corny things.

I have found so many cool things to write about in the last couple of days - mostly as a result of my searching for cool presents for Franklin for his (gasp) 30th birthday. I hope he doesn't look at the credit card account history very much and so some of the things will be a surprise.

This caught my eye - called One Day Poem it is a sculpture that has holes drilled through it at particular angles so you see different words at different times of day. Apart from the cheesy nature of the actual poem, the concept is spectacular and well worth the effort.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sad little mouse

Last night Franklin and I went to the Comedy Festival with some of my work colleagues and I laughed my head off at Jason Byrnes who was funny and rude and silly and had heat stroke.

This morning I took 5 running steps to catch the train and yanked my back out again and now I'm a miserable little being with major aches and pains in my back and four minutes of a painful work day left. The final trial is getting home, and waiting till 6:20 till I can see the chiropractor. I heart my chiropractor. Second to God she's my saviour.

I can't wait to have my aching bones cracked.