Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kit me out

Fit me a pair of RMC (nee. Red Monkey Jeans) jeans, and I'll be a happy lady. Even if they're baggy - check how cool!!!

MARTIN YAT MING AKA MARTIN KSOHOH is the designer of these crazy denims, Hong Kong born but raised in Japan, we may not be surprised to read this quote from his profile:

“Considering the Hong Kong originated international brand’s short market history, RMC’s design and products receiving acclaim and positive appraisal from around the world during the past few years are great motivation for us to excel and give our best endeavours” - Martin.

And that the brand's by line is 'You never try, you never know.' Short and sweet - but hardly enough to convey how cool the panels on these jeans are. Lately they've had a bunch of hassles with fakes which is always hard for a designer who's unique, but then, it's a sure sign of success too - so I'm not sure how sad he should be.

The brand concept is influenced by his Japanese upbringing, and constructed with specially modified colored cotton, woven into selvage denim. The brand is named after Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by Japanese native "YAMANE", creator of the "AVISYA TAILOR" retail concept (ref. Kit Me Out) which I can't find any information about - so I'm not sure it's interesting info except for how he got his brand.


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