Thursday, May 01, 2008

Farewells and Stereotypes

So last night we fared well our favourite Judy, with laughs and surprises and good food. How fun was it?! So fun. I will miss Judy for all the reasons that make her her.

At one point though we (me, Bas, Aqua) were sitting around discussing food items for my mother's 60th birthday dinner, and the boys (DL, NL, the Ward boys, and Tobes (?) ) were standing and lounging around the other side of the room discussing mortgages... there was a moment of...

realisation. We were being stereotypes from our grandmother's times. It was odd - but it's also odd that I've started to really want some aprons, and those 'half' ones with cute pockets and retro stylings and flowery buttoned decals. I'm really a bit sadly domesticated - especially sad because I am not at all married to Mr Johnson. ("Isn't life swell?!") Although I'm not sure Mr Johnson was a tidy man - just that Mrs Johnson didn't have to go to work everyday.

I especially like the promises the apron pattern packet below makes about things you can do in one of these aprons - I'd sure love to waltz with a sailor (??) one day...

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