Friday, August 08, 2008

Microwave marmalade

So, ages ago I made marmalade in the microwave - it was comparatively easy (as compared to the real way of making jam) and quick and it tastes great. I got the recipe from Elise's blog here.

The pics I have of the steps are below.

We have 4 kumquat trees in our back 'walkway' thingo - so while Franklin pruned the one nearest us - I picked the fruits! (and washed them and put them in this colander)

Then I chopped them up and took out the big pips and put them with other stuff into the pyrex jug and into the microwave
Then 15 minutes in the microwave and multiple 'take it out, stir and scoop out pips' steps

Then the marmalade went into jars, lids on tight and on the bench to cool and then into the fridge overnight to set. Yummy for brekkie the next morning.

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