Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Isn't it just the way though - that you think life will slow down for you to process something at your own pace? I make this mistake often. And have again most recently.

Tonight I'm feeling sick and sorry and sleepy, I'm not sure if it's Franklin's fault or BaSiL's, as I saw SD last night and she'd become sick via BaSiL ... *shakes head*

So this weekend is the birthday anniversary celebrations of tobes and aqua and 'Girl Rock' so I hope I'm feeling a bit less clooged up by then. Also I have a bunch of 'things' I have to get 'done' this weekend, one of which is have a conversation I don't feel ready to have - but again, life isn't waiting for me.. and I'm coming to terms with that one for this particular instance.

My happy place at the moment is Franklin and how awesome he is, G and how good (in the way that is better than awesome) He is in a consistant way unmatched by human endeavour, and Ninja. Ninja is J and G's little bobble-headed bundle-of-joy. And just between you and me, I was not surprised that the first ulrasound showed the baby had a big head (comparitively to its body) because ninja is already a highly valued little thing, and I've been given permission to partake in that kind of 'spoiling' that makes my fingers tingle :)

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Aqua said...

You are being very mysterious. I am intrigued....a conversation??? Hmmmm