Monday, September 01, 2008

ABC News headlines

I get quite a bit of enjoyment reading the ABC News website headlines each day - there's always something spectacular, or funny. Whoever is their headline writer I commend you.

A few examples:

- "Putin 'saves TV crew from tiger'" - Vlad the Impaler??
- "Malaysian man gets nut stuck around penis" - do you go straight to 'pecan' or 'walnut' like me? It's worth reading actually. Poor stupid guy.
- "New Orleans evacuates ahead of 'mother of all storms'" - the next headline reads "'Overstated' Gustav downgraded to category three" - really? overstated?
- "Priest stands down amid sexual misconduct probe" - probe? ouch?

Thank you ABC - I really do appreciate the existence of our national broadcaster. I feel sorry for the rest of you - no Triple J, no snappy headlines.


Aqua said...

Gotta love online news. It's like a quickie, it's hard and that is....

Enthusiastic Hack said...

The man who got his nut stuck around his penis might want to try using a 'nut-bra'