Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday's Amusment

So today, on my way out for lunch, on this 18 degree day I walked past someone who made me laugh.

No, it wasn't a clown.

It was a man, in an outfit so contrived he must have seen it on a celebrity (in a magazine) and decided to wear the EXACT same thing. Have you ever seen these men? They walk with a swagger (and one hand in a pocket) that says - yes, my outfit IS sensational, I look cool - and everyone can see it.

Some men wear suits they bought at Armani - the whole suit and the tie that came off the dummy with it. Their outfit says 'I have money' 'I'm a player' and their swagger says 'of course you want to have sex with me'

THIS man was wearing designer sunglasses, a mobile phone, a black t-shirt, green cargo pants, and black thongs. Oh yes, he was working it. He did have one hand in his pocket. He did swagger.

And I laughed.

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Enthusiastic Hack said...

so that was you laughing at me