Thursday, November 06, 2008

Running and crashing

Several things are on my mind at the moment:

ONE: Does anyone remember when we were young and the "news" presenters used to say encouraging things? Like 'Goodnight and God bless' (even if you don't believe in the big G - where's the harm? It's a nice sentiment) Where's the 'let's all pull together and we'll make it' vibe gone from our country?

TWO: What's with all the horror movies?! It's like every second film out is a horror movie or something designed to spook you out and make you afraid to be home alone at night. I went to the 'video' store last night and was amazed (and appalled). I need to do some "research" (surf the net) and find the huge numbers of people bawling loudly for and overabundance of horror movies - some large group of people somewhere must be driving this, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?

THREE: (a nice one) I'm impressed by the profusion of roses out at the moment - seriously. If you're the kind of person who would stop to smell the roses 'of life' - this is your season.

Cup Day we went on the poker run (yes, the concept has a wiki) out in the north east suburbs around Northcote - good fun. Overall the course was excellently mapped and signed and this time had WAY less hills. Only down side was it was shorter (18kms) and we could've kept riding a bit longer (therefore I would've drunk less beer after).

I did manage to fall over, quite spectacularly so I've been told. I have some interesting bruises. However, it was ace. More people should come on this ride with us next year. It'll be awesom-er with more people... and we'd have more of a chance of winning all that beer.. think about it.

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Aqua said...

You fell over? In a spectacular fashion? You need to let your readers know the details - you can't deny us laughs!