Wednesday, July 22, 2009

stickers and flowers

My brother brought a little present for my friend Amiriche with him from LA - a box of stickers designed by delia (moi!!) and I'm really happy with how they have turned out. As this is a blog and so supposed to be a little bit pat-myself-on-the-back natured, I am quietly chuffed with how my design and art is progressing - I'm getting better! w00t.

So I nabbed myself a pile of stickers:

Let me know if you want one, or where I should stick them around the place :)

Today I am (again) applying for jobs and hanging washing on the line. Wonderfully, I noticed my rosemary has flowered! I have had this plant for years - in several pots and in the ground even - it's a tough old thing which hasn't ever flowered... until now, and just one flower.

Friday, July 17, 2009

two weeks' traffic of our stage

The last few weeks have had glipses of rainbows, tears of joy and tears of farewell (Mum), reunions, small victories, unusual sightings and quite a lot of cuddles.

Sharing the stage for big happenings are the happy reunion of Grandparents with Grandson - and Son and Daughter-in-law, and the engagement of two cute people, my BaSiL and my brother.

Aren't they cute? * That's our family dog who despite being old and riddled with cancer goes crazy at the beach chasing sticks three times her size out into wild ocean currents - old? sick? Never.

Our lovely American dwelling family came to visit for 10 whole days - and this is when the cuddles kicked in. JGO all had a fair share of hugs and reunions with friends and footy mates and we (me) did our best to share O (^proof of successful sharing) with others. I am proud that my commitment to sharing was successful - a small, but significant, victory. Needless to say I did get quite a few :)

Franklin had to work the Saturday before our Apollo Bay visit and I ended up driving him in. On the way home I pulled up next to this guy who was - I think - unaware that a wirefram mythical creature had landed on his car roof. Check the pic out up close - dragon even has a wireframe heart! I think we need one for the roof of our house...

And lastly after all goodbyes were said, and a pretty rockin 30th birthday rap song which ended in shreds, a rainbow - a full half circle rainbow. Nice.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just popping out to Adelaide

This week I 'just popped over' to Adelaide last minute. It was actually quite easy and it was lovely to see Tess' family. But it wasn't all fun and games, even for Tess who is training to be a grown-up dog.My work was to help A with wedding invitations and it was a great success in the end. We visited 3 of Adelaide's 3 stationary stores, one of which was OfficeWorks... Adelaide is not a very easy place to find paper. But victory was ours in the end (after two to three visits to each place)

We also visited the national park where they're going to tie the knot (where does that saying come from??) And believe it or not Adelaide has more water than Melbourne! Maybe they won't have to move the city after all...

My sentiments exactly!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A blog reveling in fabric prettiness - you've been warned

Today has been a big one. I went for a job interview this am - went well so hopefully something comes of that.

After the 'view I went to the pop-up shop by Signature Prints (Sydney) selling off some of Florence Broadhurst's designs on fabric and wallpaper incl. covered cushions, handbags, aprons etc etc on and on it was crazy (as was the line to get out!)

Unfortunately I couldn't afford a handbag - even at 30-50% off (!!) and with a tight budget I wandered the crowded room over ottomans and around 5" stacks of cushions to the fabric section hoping to nab a bargain. Well, there weren't so many absolute bargains - but I did find this:

- and the two larger pieces of fabric below (top to bottom) are 60cm of canvas (hello future cushion - cheaper than an already made up one) and 1m felted wool (hello future jacket/skirt) .

How pretty!!!! Below is a small glipse of the wallpaper I bought which I'm gonna frame and hang in my house.
Shopping for unique bargains is fun - and standing in line with over a dozen other undecided ladies (and one guy) all umming and ahhing about if they're making a mistake leaving this or that object behind was quite amusing. I also enjoyed the conversations about the 'themes' that were being looked for ('Classy Manhattan', and 'Supportive Colourings' were two memorable phrases that didn't really make any sense to me, but then, I've never been to Manhattan...?)

I did truely enjoy the feeling that I was standing in line with a bunch of other creative chicks (and one guy) who were taking their goodies home to pull out their sewing machines or frames and make something new and pretty.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lost thing

Today I really need my USB key - Hegesi (a kind of pack horse like a camel but shaggier - thanks Kate Constable) AND I CANNOT FIND IT! It is gone. I am very sad - especially as I did not back up what was on there (a lot).

And there's a ghost in my mouse - weird...

Please watch this Weebl and Bob episode to understand my feelings:

According to this Death has my USB stick - that's gonna be hard to get back.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach-side adventures

Spending a weekend away from the city is lovely, being able to do so makes it a delight to live in the city. We've just come home from the long weekend in Apollo Bay. The weather was cold, rainy and perfect for being holed up in the mountains in front of a fireplace and for trawling the beaches for shells and watching the tide change.

It seems also that we brought the rain back with us to Melbourne, which is great for our water reserves.

I love taking photos at the beach, especially when there are people around to laugh with and use as subjects.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today I'm here to talk about food. More accurately, food I've made.

So finally I'm getting around to posting about the Bento phase that's happening in our house at the moment. It all began in 'Little Tokyo' in LA where they have really useful and kawaii (cute) bento boxes and accessories which Melbourne is severely lacking - we also don't have many Japanese people in res, so it makes sense.

I bought a bento 'kit' of my own devising for Oli G (my niece) and when Franklin saw it he was immediately jealous. He already had a bento box but none of the cute and useful accessories. Poor Franklin - however he now has someone who makes his lunch most days and puts it considerately and (attempts) attractively into his bento box for him. This person is me.

After looking at the website Just Bento my motivation increased - Bento is an excellent way to calorie control and make sure the variety of food types (veg, protein etc) is balanced. AND it's actually quick and quite easy. I was surprised too. The recipes at Just Bento are also vegetarian/vegan for the most part too - bonus!

This is one of my first bento attempts - since my first two attempts I've stopped photographing them.

So basically the contents of this is LEFT (clockwise) carrot kinpira, grape tomatoes and cocktail onions, two chocolate cookies (I found these in the freezer! I'd made them ages ago,) two peanut crispy biscuit things, Babybel cheese with two savoys. RIGHT two rice onigiri, a salmon pattie cut up (thanks Sanitarium) a black (because I used Chinese soya instead of light soy sauce) japanese omelet and scattered plum bits. After a few meals in this box Franklin said it's too much food so we're back to the littler box. How about that?!

This past weekend was Franklin's 31st birthday and while high on Sudafed and my cold I made him a cake. The cake part turned out wonderfully - Franklin kept an eye on me for that bit though - however the icing turned out well, just plain wrong. Chocolate cake with green icing is his favorite - and so see for yourself:

Last night I made my very first ramen soup, and it was very good to eat on a cold night. It was also full of the end bits of veges I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to use in bentos or other dinners - how handy! It looks pretty too, I think.

I'm gonna make it again!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

for posterity

So today I finished a book called "Treasure Forest." It was one of those books where the blurb doesn't actually accurately portray the content of the novel or it's intended message, but promises more than the book turns out to deliver. This book by first time novelist Cat Bordhi had so many promises of the old short stories I used to read in the 80's (read: when I was a kid) and didn't deliver on many of them. It wasn't bad - kept me reading till about the last 100 pages when it became obvious all the things I had been brought to think were gonna happen/were important were not and (though in some ways I should've known) it was more about a weird spiritual existence (available to everyone) I'm not sure the origin of (maybe India?)

However, what I came away with was the description of making a rope tree house - which is described as a lot like knitting a tree house - pretty cool says I. So says someone else because Cat has put together a 'how to' PDF with pixelated pictures to demonstrate. In fact, I will admit to being so intrigued by the idea that I googled "knit rope treehouse" to find this gem on BoingBoing which links to this PDF - I plan on remembering this for the little boys (Oliver that's you I'm mostly thinking of!) in the family who will like to climb trees.

If you don't feel like following a link basically:

First find a tree with two strong, relatively horizontal limbs within four or five feet of each other. Cast on to one limb by wrapping it in rope , then use a long 2" circular needle to knit the first row of loops. (Buy a length of plastic tubing, carve a set of needle ends out of 2” dowel, and use duct tape to smoothly attach them.) Secure the last loops to the other bough and test for security.


suprising myself

I really thought being off work would enable me to blog a lot more - I thought I'd have blogged my bento making adventures by now (started three weeks ago!) and caught up on recording some funny things that have happened and some sad things. But I haven't.

Today I am posting a pic of my t-shirt design for Ami at You Love Random. I wanted to post a pic of a flower I made for a past work colleague who's in hospital at the moment with a brain tumor but I've been reading way too much about copyright and design theft lately to trust you world. And, as I plan on making these for money one day soon - I'm gonna leave off showing you world until I can sue you for copying me :)

This design is a version of the stickers I designed also for YLR which Melbourne will start to see around the place shortly. Good fun stuff.

Friday, March 06, 2009

+1 more reason I love Melbourne

So, when I was in uni I had to do a project on the idea of urban wandering with the view to discovering small snapshots of interest (and perhaps beauty) that are unique and totally new because they are dependant on you seeing them, the time/day/season you see them and for the life of me I cannot remember the name someone proficient in 'post modern' had given it. Bah!

Either way - it's a great way to find things no one else has noticed or wants to see. Kofie is a graffitti artist that works like this - so in LA and wherever you'll see his work for a short while or in a hidden place. He's my new favorite artist. AND his name is Augustine! (cool!)

But Craig is also - I assume - an artist (or a genuine crazy man) and somone who's posters were found while wandering the back end of Melbourne and they're amusing. So - because I know some of you will find this amusing, and I know at leat one of you dabbles in devious flier creations, I'm posting some of Craig's posters on my blog. (sourced from Chris Flynn - ThreeThousand)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad PR

I have to do something I disagree with today for work.

I have to write, design and send off an "advertisement" (def. n. 1. A public notice 2. Anything intended to promote a sale) to the state newspapers telling people affected by the Victorian bushfires to call us for help with their (insert name of disease relevant to where I work) needs. In itself, this is nice of us. However, we are explicitly doing this as a "PR exercise" and as such so much inside me rises up and wants to say HELL NO! that I feel sick and like I'm going to vomit.

I would like my boss to call my friend's Dad who has lost his house and everything in it and say thanks. "Thanks for having something horrific happen to you, and many people you know and love, so we could capitalise on the situation to make it look like we care and increase public positive opinion of us." Also I would like my boss to say "thanks D for doing this for me so I don't have to have this filthy usury on my conscience"

I feel dirty.

Sorry Victoria, I'm not going to say 'it's my job' cause it's not usually and I hope won't be for much longer...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday my sister-in-law G and brother J had a baby! Mini O was born at 6.20pm LA time, and 1.30ish OZ time. So, I became and aunt - for the second time. He is cute! I already have a video of him hiccupping and yawning and looking around. He doesn't have eyelashes that I have been able to see.

See? Apparently this is like the only time he has stuck his thumb in his mouth so far, which I guess makes sense as babies are usually all wrapped up for most of the time. BABY!!! I am so looking forward to meeting you in real life and giving you lots of cuddles and presents!

Friday, February 06, 2009

websites are funny

So, at the moment I am making images for 'our' online shop - launching in March. This would be exciting except that we will be selling insulin strips and diabetes cookbooks and a MILLION other things (slight exaggeration) that will be useful for people with diabetes in Victoria.
There is a thumb (100x100) and the 'large' image (270x210) and so I am resizing 300 images into two versions of each (300 x 2 = 600) and am grateful for Photoshop's keyboard shortcuts saving me from major RSI - however nothing has a shortcut to saving my brain from meltdown except surfing the net while waiting for Ps to open the numerous images I drop into it in one go.
As a result I have found a website with a splash page that looks like this:

This is Tim Brown's website - he's a videographer who is quirky and funny (I assume). Tim - I enjoyed your site which kept me sane while I have been re-sizing images over and over and over and over and over.. etc.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

< Misdirection >

Today I burned my fingers to distract my body from the discomfort and pain of the piercing I had yesterday! I didn't burn my fingers on purpose - but have just realised how effective it's been at distracting me from my ear! Yay.

Yesterday my friend Amiriche and I got ourselves pierced through the 'tragus' which was an interesting kind of fun-yet-painful experience. And now it's tickling my ear on the inside which is annoying hence why I'm lucky to be distracted by another pain source (the burn on my fingers.) I'm not looking forward to walking out into the 42 degree (Celcius!) day and having the burn hurt a lot more than now but a girl's gotta get home.

I don't have a photo yet - and all the one's I just googled are kinda scary. Yikes - there's a couple of YouTube clips showing someone getting theirs done! Glad I didn't know that before I went and did mine!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Amusing as sarcasm and irony are in conversation - it's more laugh out loud in writing. The "Blog" of "Unnecessay" Quotations proves this with winners like this:

Ah the sincerity!

Come AND hear AND see for myself!? Sure thing! Although can't you just borrow "any other film or book," and "the book of revelation" from the library without the "gratefully accepted donation"? Then you can be excited, alarmed and reassured from the safety of your own home..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So yesterday I covered jealousy - which in 'Seven Deadly Sins' language is Envy, and today boys-and-girls we're covering Gluttony.

Yes gluttony, and surprisingly enough we're turning the globe to a little continent called North America. Surprise!

Yesterday while browsing one of my usual haunts on the int0rweb, I found this recipe:

Baked Brie
"Brie wrapped in (puff) pastry and baked until it has thoroughly melted inside is one of the world's easiest yet tastiest appetizers. In this recipe the brie is topped with raspberry jam, surrounded with pastry and drizzled with maple syrup (and brown sugar- see link to recipe)."

Can be prepared in 30 minutes or less! Wow! Now, I don't know who thought of this originally but I'm amazed it could be classed 'appetizer' by any one, surely even a piece of this would satisfy most peoples whole fat/sugar RDI.

I know people (Franklin) who would probably eat this - but I can't even come at thinking about it - if I think about it too much I get ideas like 'people who eat this would probably add bacon to this recipe' *shudder*

Monday, January 05, 2009

One of the seven deadly sins...

Today I am back at work - like back at work with no holidays coming up and everyone 'getting back into gear', and whilst I'm being productive, I'm also thinking about my family and a whole bunch of my friends down at Wilson's Prom and I'll confess I'm jealous.


Even though I know this week is cold, rainy and probably crazy windy down on the beach - I would still rather be there now than here under the fluro lights listening to 3MP 'Easy listening' (I Will Always Love You) and looking at a very busy year in this job, if I make it past Feb without a nervous breakdown.

Being at Wilson's Prom in the rain, and the wind, and (next week) the sun and sand would be a lovely start to 2009. But instead, do you want to know how I began this year? In the toilet - right on '2... 1... Happy New Year!' I was peeing. I'm not sure I want to even theorise on what kind of sign that is for my 2009 ... nope, I really don't.