Monday, January 05, 2009

One of the seven deadly sins...

Today I am back at work - like back at work with no holidays coming up and everyone 'getting back into gear', and whilst I'm being productive, I'm also thinking about my family and a whole bunch of my friends down at Wilson's Prom and I'll confess I'm jealous.


Even though I know this week is cold, rainy and probably crazy windy down on the beach - I would still rather be there now than here under the fluro lights listening to 3MP 'Easy listening' (I Will Always Love You) and looking at a very busy year in this job, if I make it past Feb without a nervous breakdown.

Being at Wilson's Prom in the rain, and the wind, and (next week) the sun and sand would be a lovely start to 2009. But instead, do you want to know how I began this year? In the toilet - right on '2... 1... Happy New Year!' I was peeing. I'm not sure I want to even theorise on what kind of sign that is for my 2009 ... nope, I really don't.

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