Wednesday, January 28, 2009

< Misdirection >

Today I burned my fingers to distract my body from the discomfort and pain of the piercing I had yesterday! I didn't burn my fingers on purpose - but have just realised how effective it's been at distracting me from my ear! Yay.

Yesterday my friend Amiriche and I got ourselves pierced through the 'tragus' which was an interesting kind of fun-yet-painful experience. And now it's tickling my ear on the inside which is annoying hence why I'm lucky to be distracted by another pain source (the burn on my fingers.) I'm not looking forward to walking out into the 42 degree (Celcius!) day and having the burn hurt a lot more than now but a girl's gotta get home.

I don't have a photo yet - and all the one's I just googled are kinda scary. Yikes - there's a couple of YouTube clips showing someone getting theirs done! Glad I didn't know that before I went and did mine!

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