Friday, February 06, 2009

websites are funny

So, at the moment I am making images for 'our' online shop - launching in March. This would be exciting except that we will be selling insulin strips and diabetes cookbooks and a MILLION other things (slight exaggeration) that will be useful for people with diabetes in Victoria.
There is a thumb (100x100) and the 'large' image (270x210) and so I am resizing 300 images into two versions of each (300 x 2 = 600) and am grateful for Photoshop's keyboard shortcuts saving me from major RSI - however nothing has a shortcut to saving my brain from meltdown except surfing the net while waiting for Ps to open the numerous images I drop into it in one go.
As a result I have found a website with a splash page that looks like this:

This is Tim Brown's website - he's a videographer who is quirky and funny (I assume). Tim - I enjoyed your site which kept me sane while I have been re-sizing images over and over and over and over and over.. etc.


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