Friday, March 06, 2009

+1 more reason I love Melbourne

So, when I was in uni I had to do a project on the idea of urban wandering with the view to discovering small snapshots of interest (and perhaps beauty) that are unique and totally new because they are dependant on you seeing them, the time/day/season you see them and for the life of me I cannot remember the name someone proficient in 'post modern' had given it. Bah!

Either way - it's a great way to find things no one else has noticed or wants to see. Kofie is a graffitti artist that works like this - so in LA and wherever you'll see his work for a short while or in a hidden place. He's my new favorite artist. AND his name is Augustine! (cool!)

But Craig is also - I assume - an artist (or a genuine crazy man) and somone who's posters were found while wandering the back end of Melbourne and they're amusing. So - because I know some of you will find this amusing, and I know at leat one of you dabbles in devious flier creations, I'm posting some of Craig's posters on my blog. (sourced from Chris Flynn - ThreeThousand)