Thursday, May 28, 2009

for posterity

So today I finished a book called "Treasure Forest." It was one of those books where the blurb doesn't actually accurately portray the content of the novel or it's intended message, but promises more than the book turns out to deliver. This book by first time novelist Cat Bordhi had so many promises of the old short stories I used to read in the 80's (read: when I was a kid) and didn't deliver on many of them. It wasn't bad - kept me reading till about the last 100 pages when it became obvious all the things I had been brought to think were gonna happen/were important were not and (though in some ways I should've known) it was more about a weird spiritual existence (available to everyone) I'm not sure the origin of (maybe India?)

However, what I came away with was the description of making a rope tree house - which is described as a lot like knitting a tree house - pretty cool says I. So says someone else because Cat has put together a 'how to' PDF with pixelated pictures to demonstrate. In fact, I will admit to being so intrigued by the idea that I googled "knit rope treehouse" to find this gem on BoingBoing which links to this PDF - I plan on remembering this for the little boys (Oliver that's you I'm mostly thinking of!) in the family who will like to climb trees.

If you don't feel like following a link basically:

First find a tree with two strong, relatively horizontal limbs within four or five feet of each other. Cast on to one limb by wrapping it in rope , then use a long 2" circular needle to knit the first row of loops. (Buy a length of plastic tubing, carve a set of needle ends out of 2” dowel, and use duct tape to smoothly attach them.) Secure the last loops to the other bough and test for security.


suprising myself

I really thought being off work would enable me to blog a lot more - I thought I'd have blogged my bento making adventures by now (started three weeks ago!) and caught up on recording some funny things that have happened and some sad things. But I haven't.

Today I am posting a pic of my t-shirt design for Ami at You Love Random. I wanted to post a pic of a flower I made for a past work colleague who's in hospital at the moment with a brain tumor but I've been reading way too much about copyright and design theft lately to trust you world. And, as I plan on making these for money one day soon - I'm gonna leave off showing you world until I can sue you for copying me :)

This design is a version of the stickers I designed also for YLR which Melbourne will start to see around the place shortly. Good fun stuff.