Thursday, May 28, 2009

suprising myself

I really thought being off work would enable me to blog a lot more - I thought I'd have blogged my bento making adventures by now (started three weeks ago!) and caught up on recording some funny things that have happened and some sad things. But I haven't.

Today I am posting a pic of my t-shirt design for Ami at You Love Random. I wanted to post a pic of a flower I made for a past work colleague who's in hospital at the moment with a brain tumor but I've been reading way too much about copyright and design theft lately to trust you world. And, as I plan on making these for money one day soon - I'm gonna leave off showing you world until I can sue you for copying me :)

This design is a version of the stickers I designed also for YLR which Melbourne will start to see around the place shortly. Good fun stuff.

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