Thursday, June 18, 2009

A blog reveling in fabric prettiness - you've been warned

Today has been a big one. I went for a job interview this am - went well so hopefully something comes of that.

After the 'view I went to the pop-up shop by Signature Prints (Sydney) selling off some of Florence Broadhurst's designs on fabric and wallpaper incl. covered cushions, handbags, aprons etc etc on and on it was crazy (as was the line to get out!)

Unfortunately I couldn't afford a handbag - even at 30-50% off (!!) and with a tight budget I wandered the crowded room over ottomans and around 5" stacks of cushions to the fabric section hoping to nab a bargain. Well, there weren't so many absolute bargains - but I did find this:

- and the two larger pieces of fabric below (top to bottom) are 60cm of canvas (hello future cushion - cheaper than an already made up one) and 1m felted wool (hello future jacket/skirt) .

How pretty!!!! Below is a small glipse of the wallpaper I bought which I'm gonna frame and hang in my house.
Shopping for unique bargains is fun - and standing in line with over a dozen other undecided ladies (and one guy) all umming and ahhing about if they're making a mistake leaving this or that object behind was quite amusing. I also enjoyed the conversations about the 'themes' that were being looked for ('Classy Manhattan', and 'Supportive Colourings' were two memorable phrases that didn't really make any sense to me, but then, I've never been to Manhattan...?)

I did truely enjoy the feeling that I was standing in line with a bunch of other creative chicks (and one guy) who were taking their goodies home to pull out their sewing machines or frames and make something new and pretty.

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