Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today I'm here to talk about food. More accurately, food I've made.

So finally I'm getting around to posting about the Bento phase that's happening in our house at the moment. It all began in 'Little Tokyo' in LA where they have really useful and kawaii (cute) bento boxes and accessories which Melbourne is severely lacking - we also don't have many Japanese people in res, so it makes sense.

I bought a bento 'kit' of my own devising for Oli G (my niece) and when Franklin saw it he was immediately jealous. He already had a bento box but none of the cute and useful accessories. Poor Franklin - however he now has someone who makes his lunch most days and puts it considerately and (attempts) attractively into his bento box for him. This person is me.

After looking at the website Just Bento my motivation increased - Bento is an excellent way to calorie control and make sure the variety of food types (veg, protein etc) is balanced. AND it's actually quick and quite easy. I was surprised too. The recipes at Just Bento are also vegetarian/vegan for the most part too - bonus!

This is one of my first bento attempts - since my first two attempts I've stopped photographing them.

So basically the contents of this is LEFT (clockwise) carrot kinpira, grape tomatoes and cocktail onions, two chocolate cookies (I found these in the freezer! I'd made them ages ago,) two peanut crispy biscuit things, Babybel cheese with two savoys. RIGHT two rice onigiri, a salmon pattie cut up (thanks Sanitarium) a black (because I used Chinese soya instead of light soy sauce) japanese omelet and scattered plum bits. After a few meals in this box Franklin said it's too much food so we're back to the littler box. How about that?!

This past weekend was Franklin's 31st birthday and while high on Sudafed and my cold I made him a cake. The cake part turned out wonderfully - Franklin kept an eye on me for that bit though - however the icing turned out well, just plain wrong. Chocolate cake with green icing is his favorite - and so see for yourself:

Last night I made my very first ramen soup, and it was very good to eat on a cold night. It was also full of the end bits of veges I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to use in bentos or other dinners - how handy! It looks pretty too, I think.

I'm gonna make it again!

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amiriche said...

That icing looks like it was mistaken for a tissue. Bet it tasted so very yummy.
Note to amiriche: go eat at delia's house more often - yummy fun looking food available.