Wednesday, July 22, 2009

stickers and flowers

My brother brought a little present for my friend Amiriche with him from LA - a box of stickers designed by delia (moi!!) and I'm really happy with how they have turned out. As this is a blog and so supposed to be a little bit pat-myself-on-the-back natured, I am quietly chuffed with how my design and art is progressing - I'm getting better! w00t.

So I nabbed myself a pile of stickers:

Let me know if you want one, or where I should stick them around the place :)

Today I am (again) applying for jobs and hanging washing on the line. Wonderfully, I noticed my rosemary has flowered! I have had this plant for years - in several pots and in the ground even - it's a tough old thing which hasn't ever flowered... until now, and just one flower.

Friday, July 17, 2009

two weeks' traffic of our stage

The last few weeks have had glipses of rainbows, tears of joy and tears of farewell (Mum), reunions, small victories, unusual sightings and quite a lot of cuddles.

Sharing the stage for big happenings are the happy reunion of Grandparents with Grandson - and Son and Daughter-in-law, and the engagement of two cute people, my BaSiL and my brother.

Aren't they cute? * That's our family dog who despite being old and riddled with cancer goes crazy at the beach chasing sticks three times her size out into wild ocean currents - old? sick? Never.

Our lovely American dwelling family came to visit for 10 whole days - and this is when the cuddles kicked in. JGO all had a fair share of hugs and reunions with friends and footy mates and we (me) did our best to share O (^proof of successful sharing) with others. I am proud that my commitment to sharing was successful - a small, but significant, victory. Needless to say I did get quite a few :)

Franklin had to work the Saturday before our Apollo Bay visit and I ended up driving him in. On the way home I pulled up next to this guy who was - I think - unaware that a wirefram mythical creature had landed on his car roof. Check the pic out up close - dragon even has a wireframe heart! I think we need one for the roof of our house...

And lastly after all goodbyes were said, and a pretty rockin 30th birthday rap song which ended in shreds, a rainbow - a full half circle rainbow. Nice.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just popping out to Adelaide

This week I 'just popped over' to Adelaide last minute. It was actually quite easy and it was lovely to see Tess' family. But it wasn't all fun and games, even for Tess who is training to be a grown-up dog.My work was to help A with wedding invitations and it was a great success in the end. We visited 3 of Adelaide's 3 stationary stores, one of which was OfficeWorks... Adelaide is not a very easy place to find paper. But victory was ours in the end (after two to three visits to each place)

We also visited the national park where they're going to tie the knot (where does that saying come from??) And believe it or not Adelaide has more water than Melbourne! Maybe they won't have to move the city after all...

My sentiments exactly!