Friday, December 10, 2010

Clever packaging...

I found something DesignForMankind would LOVE, but I'm posting it HERE because I have been looking in vain for interesting packaging (mostly coffee packaging) to inspire me, but everything I have found is so PRACTICAL and not at all pretty.

Actually, it seems I wasn't looking in the right place because this MLK packaging design comes from a website called Duh!

The packaging is designed by Depot WPF Branding Agency in Russia, and very cleverly incorporated elements from the farm where the range is produced/sourced(?) and got back to nature with some dairy cows and their native habitat - the farm. (this last part is my imagination talking)

How sweet and lovely and well put together are they? I think black and white and beautiful would stand out nicely on our supermarket shelves, amid all the colours that seem to be popular at the moment.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another goodbye...

Hey Gemma, you were a good dog. I don't think we realised how much you loved us until the end. Thank you for all your tireless, often rejected, smelly, licky, hairy love. I found a photo of you from 2003, you don't look sick, or old or tired.

What I will remember is how much you loved Ollie. How much you loved Apollo Bay. How you ran into stormy sea water to fetch a log because Tob threw it for you and told you to get it. How much you loved to go for walks. The fun times at Digman Reserve in the twilight. How you loved chasing birds. How much you loved Chester, and then TC and shared your house with them. And how much you cared for us all in your quiet way. Thank you so much for waiting until we were ready.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice things twisted...

Mum has these lovely old books from when she was a child that we loved all over again when we were kids. Books that come from a time when the fact that they were 'in colour' was worth mentioning on the front of the book. Even now when I look at them I love them, but then I think of a different caption for the image and I ruin it. I'm sure you've seen those vintage pictures with new and mostly rude/cheeky captions on cards, fridge magnets, notepads etc. Glitch has one about Sally rippin it up in the playground that makes me laugh every time.

The problem is, I'm terrible at them. The things I think of make me giggle, but they lack the finesse and brevity of a truly masterful caption. For example the original innocent caption:

My alternative caption: John didn't care that a learner must always be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.

Not funny. But sadly, I made myself giggle.

Original image and caption:

My caption: OK, so I can't think of one but I know it would have to have something about planting marijuana...

Maybe I should stick with saying how lovely these are as illustrations, and leave the devious thinking to someone else. What do YOU think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Afternoon time filler

I have been wishing I was at home for the last hour and a half. I've been busy entertaining myself, dreaming I was home making something with fabric and scissors and sewing.

So I entertained myself drawing Kitsune below. I wonder why triangles are trending at the moment - I quite like them, but a shape in fashion?*shrug*

"Kitsune gazed at the stars and pondered. The many thoughts in her mind swirled and flowed free and indistinct, half formed shapes. She felt like she was dreaming, and yet, never more awake than now. A voice in the great song of creation simply by existing, not even making a sound."

"It was beautiful."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've got a feeling...

© All rights reserved by g-blog

...that the world needs a big dose of love, strategically developed compassion and a whole heap more being nice to each other.

This cleverly put together heart, and the huge amount of bad news on The Age website this week, and the horrible lady on the train yesterday who I wish I had had the guts to challenge, inspired this sad-for-us-all delia, and in turn this post.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

I feel like if my blog was a wallet, metaphorically speaking, there would be a moth fly out of it when you checked it. Two weekends ago now, my back went and these last two weeks have seen me visiting the chiro a lot, and resting, waiting for the pain killers to kick in, and only crafting a tiny, tiny amount. I've been feeling quite sad looking at my kitchen table with the makings of a dress half sewn together and not able to face sitting down and picking it back up again after sitting, standing, walking, lying on the carpet in the board room giving a colleague a mega fright (true story) and sitting again at work for as long as I can stand to.

'Treasures in heaven' for my parents who have been so kind to me, driving me in to work, and home again. Weeks like this really make me feel like I should be my own boss - I'm quite motivated to go to work it seems... and actually, this morning walking in to work I had a nice little day dream about owning a store full of lovely things and wrapping them up for people. I have no idea how to run a business, so at this point it was a nice pipe-(day)-dream before sitting down at my desk to get on with real life.

Here's a quick glance at what I've been crafting. I really need to finish it quick I'm thinking as I've already had another idea. Also, I need to get much faster at this stitching thing if I'm going to see my ideas on a wall.

Yes, it says 'hell' it's going to say 'hell yeah!' when it's finished.

Can you cross stitch on the train? I'm thinking I will try.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

w00t - l00t!

I'm not sure about the title of this post - bit wrong in that 'dad joke' kind of way.

Oh well, moving on.

Today I found some useful things made fun (and more useful) with knitting. Do you feel knitting and knitted things are more a winter/autumn thing than a spring/summer thing? I do. I get too hot knitting when the weather's warm, the idea of warm cozy things make me feel sticky.

However, facing a weekend which is promising 'a weeks worth of rain in one day' (thanks Melbourne) I'm thinking maybe Saturday is a good day to get some extra rows done before packing the whole project away for the colder seasons of 2011.

Storing up ideas for next winter however, check out these clever ideas! Casamania, an Italian interior design company that make lots of fun things. These chunky knits makes me feel cozy immediately! I wonder what they look like with a light on inside them? (thanks Bholu for hearting this)

How fun! Definitely do-yourself-able. However, Franklin would (if he were here) ask me to make you promise never to do that to your power cables... like, never never.

I think Franklin would like this for the jasmine tea at his work desk habit he's got going on. Simple classy design, and no occupational health and safety risks in these promotional images! Paige Russell is one clever Canadian.

And last but not least, a project I could (maybe) make myself, seeing as I love small sized things (reward of finishing something happens much quicker,) and I love Totoro.

Hello Yarn even tells me how, it's just a matter of skills and reading the instructions carefully... hmm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I would like this book for my birthday. (I am happy to get it for myself, please don't feel like I'm 'dropping hints,' I just wanted to convey how much I like it. No one will believe that, as it's coincidentally my birthday in 9 days... oh well)

Remember that game where a group of you would write a collaborative story only knowing the last word used by the person before you? And did you ever do the same thing with drawings? Well, this book is both those games by 100 people who can actually draw, so it's MEGA. And it's PRETTY. And you know I love pretty things.

Currently the creators are touring the book across blogs, which is another collaborative and clever idea. Design for Mankind, who writes in a voice just like Amiriche's, is the first tour stop. Read her interview with creator Julia Rothman.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I never thought I would...

...but I am here today, to post a video.

I wish there were puppets in my high school when I went there... it is obvious to me that it was a poorer experience for it. Although, I do remember trying to make up cool 'new' words for things, I don't remember any of them, so clearly, none were super impressive.

My proudest 'I made that up' moment is convincing a certain number of people that, while red cars 'make you go faster,' blue cars 'make you look taller' This has actually stuck, and generally more and more people are taking it on. One day I'll rule the world... one day. Hehe

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So, to continue the fashion conversation with myself, I found this beauty today... it is the creative work of Máximo Tuja aka 'max-o-matic'

I think because the Satorialist is posting fashion shows like crazy at the moment, I have fashion on the brain. I love the movement in this, and how he's used collage. I heart collages and completely understand the need to mix media to produce something awesome.

Did you read Garance Doré's blogs on the Vogue Masquerade Ball? It was very amusing, I had to google most of the names she mentions in the articles, but it was very entertaining.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Red Riding Hood Remix

I love clever people. And I love when clever people take a classic concept and make it new. Today I came across Denise Van Leeuwen's illustrations, and felt I needed to chare the cuteness of her little Little Red Riding Hood with you.

So cute and so modern. I mean, wedge heels of awesome! It will be no surprise to you that Denise does fashion illustration as well as children's books.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Home Sweet Home - I wish

Not the furniture, but the SPACE, the LIGHT! I can put myself right into the picture. So at home... I want to print it really big so I can pretend I live there...

... or I just need several million dollars.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I love it when someone is clever

OMG guys, O M G! I have found something 'totes' cool - or is that 'toats' - apparently it's what all the cool kids are saying... but I'm not sure how they're spelling it.

Regardless, I have found something cool - and full of pretty things!

It's called Spoonflower.

"Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs. It was founded in May 2008 by two Internet geeks who had crafty wives but who knew nothing about textiles. The company came about because Stephen’s wife, Kim, persuaded him that being able to print her own fabric for curtains was a really cool idea. She wasn’t alone. The Spoonflower community now numbers around 70,000 individuals who use their own fabric to make curtains, quilts, clothes, bags, furniture, dolls, pillows, framed artwork, costumes, banners and much, much more. The Spoonflower marketplace offers the largest collection of independent fabric designers in the world. The site has appeared in the New York Times, Associated Press, Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, Make, CRAFT, ApartmentTherapy, Photojojo, and many other terrific publications and blogs."

And now in little-old mine. I love it when a great idea comes together!

Here's a selection of the fabrics I found and loved...

From top left clockwise in a spiral fabrics are:
Newspaper Boats, Heather Ross
arborvitae 1, Monica Meehan; Cuckoo Clock, Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane; Forest Friends, Patty Sloniger; Chickadees in Blue, Lynn Baron; Clothes Pin People, Heather Ross; Little Spools, Heather Ross
You can see I really loved the Clothes Pin People, I put in my header (which I hope is OK?) because it just made me feel like spring, possibly because the clothes pin people look like they're going to their brother's picnic engagement party this weekend and having a lovely time in the soft sunshine!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first Market...

I really wasn't sure how far off the first time I put things into a market stall was. I certainly didn't think it was going to be this year. I'm not one of those prolific creators that some are, to be able to think that I have enough stuff to make a stall. I still don't have enough stuff to make a stall, but my good friend Ami has had a stall for You Love Random, her business, at the Melbourne Milk Market at Thousand £ Bend. And I finally got around to making some stuff for it!

None of this stuff is particularly what I had in mind for 'me' or 'my future' product-wise, I have other ideas and concepts that are more unique and more 'delia' but I'm pretty happy with my offering from the hours of work I put in, and that I actually did something and took the opportunity. And now, I have spent some time talking to a friend about the hearts (below) and thinking up new an different ways to do them I'm a bit inspired.

My favorite of the framed hearts.. although I probably should've made time to iron the fabric..

I quite like this brooch however, knitting and a button - winner combination in my mind, although it didn't sell so maybe I'm on my own there? I might work up a few more and see what comes of it, but I need to solve the pin on the back dilemma, as it's kinda hard to wrangle with to pin it on... do I stiffen the knitting part, or put a backing..? Something to think about anyway..

Monday, September 27, 2010

To Write Love on Her Arms

AFL Grand Final (it was a draw) Day, or Saturday the 25th of September to those who don't care, was To Write Love on Her Arms day. To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Franklin and I decided, as this is an issue close to our hearts and our family, to participate.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture Perfect

Someone needs to take a photo of me on this tram right now, me and the lady behind me.

I am, right now, blogging from a tram sitting behind a lady in a red cape, crocheting in red wool, while I sit here in my green (really green) coat and knit in green wool.

Who is this red light to my green? Is she also on the number 19 heading to Brunswick for the opening of Home Is Where The Craft Is? It could be...

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Yes, eating.

This blog is for Ali who wanted to know what eating at Nobu was like. And for Ami who promised Ali I would blog the experience for everyone.

Ali, what can I say - it was great! The only one left hungry was Ami - but what can I say, you know she's a machine.

In order of dishes, we had: Nobu style shooters with sea urchin, new style sashimi with white fish, miso chips, whole baby barramundi with sake soy and ginger, tempura dinner and sushi dinner. We also had dessert, which was green tea trifle mousse and something like a japanese nutella donut, which was better than any donut I've ever eaten, but that's not saying a whole lot as my favorite donuts come from Foote Street in Frankston and I haven't had one of those in years.

To rave a little bit more, which I feel is needed because this is a post for someone else, the food was superbly presented, everything was very balanced in flavour and size. The miso chips were a very pleasant surprise for us all, as I think we were expecting 'chips' to actually apply as a description of the dish. I would recommend trying the specials that the waiter recommends, as everyone thought the Nobu style shooters were amazing.

I also recommend going with someone who has never eaten sushi, or plainly, raw fish before for their facial expressions and how impressed they'll be. Don't make the mistake of letting this person be someone who hasn't had eaten it because they're afraid of new and different things, I think that would ruin the whole experience for everyone as sharing food seems to be a common style of eating at Nobu, not just for us.

The other thing I liked about Nobu was how enthusiastically every member of staff called out 'irashaimase!' to the new patrons. I think that kind of thing could ruin the atmosphere, because it means a lot of yelling, if not done so well as it was. The thing I didn't like about Nobu was the 90's American pop classics play list that was constantly there under the babble of chatter.

I also ate at the Graham last weekend, in Port Melbourne and would highly recommend the place - superb service (even though there was a flood out the back), and fantastic food, like really fantastic.

Here's wishing for better food for everyone from me.

Friday, September 03, 2010

My Creative Space

This week is the final week for the invitations, which means it's printing time! I enjoy printing time, it's that final chance to get things looking right on the paper, double checking that the time and date have been put on the invite, spelling mistakes hiding anywhere? Things always go hilariously wrong at some point, but weirdly enough I actually have a secret love of printing mistakes. I have a small collection at home of cool textures and patterns made by misprints, I would like to get them framed up and display them somewhere.

You would not believe the number of phone calls I had yesterday from the groom; Should we change this? Can we add this? Can you just text me what you think it should say? Argh! But happily, we're all sorted today for printing. As long as the rest of the printing goes smoothly.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Quirky Fact

The Habanero Pepper

The habanero pepper is all things bad boy, all things seduction, and all things graduation (if you can tame it). If you go on living the spicy food life long enough, like any addiction, you start to look for more, for something stronger, for something to satisfy that mountainous desire for heat that builds until it scrapes the sky. Jalapenos are outstanding and perfect for every occasion, but every once in a while, you want to let the party animal loose. Every now and then you want something to reach out and throttle you and remind you that you’re alive. You want to go a little crazy. You want to hop onto the back of the habanero’s motorcycle and make a little road music, and you’ll be sure not to bring him home to meet your mother. 

This. Is. One. Bad. Dude.

But he’s sweet and he loves you. And you’ll love him for everything he does for you

Interesting. No? I was quite surprised that a write up on a chilli could sound so much like a Star Sign description. It's a little bit (OK, a lot) like food pr0n... what does 'make a little road music' mean??

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pom Poms how I love you!!

Remember making Pom Poms in Primary School? Winding and winding and winding?

So awesome.

Someone clever has thought up a cool way to use Pom Poms - in Garland form!

How pretty! On top of this, there's a very clever little 'pom pom maker' that makes the whole process much easier. Or so I'm told. The good thing about Pom Poms is they don't mind if you make them with cheap acrylic yarn from that local 'we sell everything' kind of store, cause with Pom Poms it's all about colour.

I definitely will be buying a Pom Pom maker or two and suggesting this as decoration for any one of the weddings I help with until someone agrees!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here be germs...

Franklin has germs, so we're hitting the end of a week of no kissing in my household. It's very hard to do, after almost (1 day to go) five years of (awesome) kissing and living with my ornery husband, I am happy to say I miss the kissing a great deal. Seems like I'll need many more years of kissing before I've had enough... Love you Gizmo, Happy 5th Anniversary for tomorrow.

Poster unknowingly courtesy of: Robot-Uprising Thanks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up, up and Away...

This week I have been busy putting things together for a couple of people that I love. I'm thinking actually, I'm pretty good at this vector drawing people now... anyone got ideas how I could make a lot of money out of it? Or at least enough money to afford a tablet to draw with instead of a mouse?

It's windy up there... but I think these two are still recognisable... Sam was the hardest to do - go figure..

And now for a sneak peek of what this is all in aid of..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To make you happy

Sometimes, when you've had that coffee you didn't need and you are needing an interesting job to do, rather than copy, paste, email, repeat you are grateful for a moment that encourages reflection, soothes your soul and inspires you to do better, to be greater, to expect more, to rest, to smile, to laugh and to hope.

The thing I love about the blogs, and feeds I follow is that each have the ability to take me out of myself and put me back together more peaceful, more happy.

Watch the below video, yes this kind of thing has been done a lot, but it improved my day so I'm sharing it.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Flinders Lane

This is probably one of the best photos of Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD I have seen. I love story telling photography... don't you feel like the fates of the beret girl and the boy in the shirt and tie are linked inexplicably? *sigh* I hope this story has a happy ending.

The photo is by photographer Andrew of Cuba Gallery. He's a New Zealander and other than knowing how to take photos, he knows how to use Adobe Lightroom.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


So, I have discovered another thing to be addicted to.


Pretty clothings and accessories all laid out for you to choose and pull together into outfits to your hearts content. And it's free!

My first attempt I have called 'Winter Street Walking'

I couldn't choose which boots to go with so I put them both in. This outfit needs black tights and possibly a long sleeved black t-shirt to go under the dress for warmth. The hat adds a touch of whimsy. The satchel contains incredibly intelligent things written down on loose pieces of paper in pink and black pen and a beaten leather notebook and a banana. Can you feel it?

I'm starting to think this outfit is friends with India Jones...

Monday, August 02, 2010

The weekend...

My friend went away for the weekend and messaged me to find out what she'd missed. While typing my emailed response (I couldn't quite come at texting it) I thought, 'I should blog this email to record the weekend that was and say goodbye a bit.' This is not the best idea I've had because now I'm a bit teary at work, but here it is anyway.

Sorry I didn't respond to your msg about the weekend.. nothing huge has happened (that I know of) that you missed this weekend. The only thing that has made this weekend hard is that we had to put TC down and Gemma is looking like she's not far off that either, she got a big infection in her face that makes her look like she has had a stroke and it's very sad.

So, Ollie's birthday was nice, The Wedding was nice, Sunday was a homemade authentic Mexican food fiesta which was awesome but made me sick, as well as getting my period Sunday and generally being sad it wasn't my favorite weekend by a long shot. And Franklin is going to Bendigo and Ballarat this weekend so I'm a bit irrationally sad about that even though I know it'll be fine.

I still can't quite believe it. I'm sad I didn't have time to say goodbye properly but I'm so glad we got to live with you and all the funny catching mice stories and snoring into my face times and wonderful memories were worth it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today through a blog, linking to another blog etc. I found this picture.

*sigh* What a space. I LOVE the picture shelf, the white surfaces, the soft light and the sense of oodles of SPACE. Like Pip at Meet Me At Mikes, I too like to get into my comfy clothes (although harem pants are not my thing) when I get into making stuff. This space just softly radiates comfortable and makes me wanna go home and sew!

I also like that it could be the kind of space someone who keeps their fabrics in their linen closet (me) could have, but is not the sewing space in a cupboard extreme...

Actually, I have just spent over 15 minutes of work time looking at the lovely blog the above picture came from, and I don't want to stop. This blog is gorgeous, well written and just one of those blogs that is very difficult to stop looking at. You should all go look right now. I'm going to try and resist doing the same or I won't tick anything off my to do list today...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space is a 'Featuring:' this week. And this week it's Featuring: Franklin

The first attempt at home-made crumpets is one very worth documenting with it's own post. Hopefully this is a new family tradition for holidays, following on from the crepes and chocolate ripple cake of my childhood holidays.

This past weekend, Franklin found the site of Not Quite Nigella who has a recipe for crumpets on her amazingly pretty and delightfully full of cupcakes website. This recipe is excellent, and well worth trying if you have the time, and a whole bunch of egg rings.

This is the first lot - you can see they're kind of thick but puffing up nicely.

Demonstrating the remove egg ring and flip (or is that the other way around?) technique.

They certainly tasted wonderful, but they didn't quite have that myriad of holes that crumpets usually have to soak up the butter and honey. The addition of some extra milk worked a treat.

Mmmm, looking good....

Oh yeah! So tasty and so RIGHT they needed to be shown to the world right away.

I call this 'crumpets with a view' hehe