Saturday, February 20, 2010

What now?

I have come to a turning point, a point I should have seen coming, but didn't, through lack of foresight. A quandry.

Now I've arranged the buttons where I'd like them ON the t-shirt, how do I sew them down without ruining the design?!

Like they say, always read the recipe through to the end before you start baking..

Speaking of baking, someone very special turned 1 this week, and guess who made the cake?!

Of course it was me!

Although, I will say one thing for artificial colouring: this cake looked better when Smarties were full of them. Remember the black ones? It's all about contrasting colours. Mind you, nothing ever seems as good as when we were kids.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making things again

I seem to be in a spree of sewing things lately. In the past two weeks I have made a baby blanket, a new top and solved the problem I couldn't get past with a jacket I've been 98% finished for about 6 months.

My friend Bec is having a baby, and had a little afternoon tea shower last weekend. And, inspired by the small and inconsistently meeting craft nights I've been going to with ladies from the library, and by their quilting skills, I decided to tackle a baby blanket (ie. a quilt without the extreme trickyness) I am quite pleased with how it came out.

Mum and I lay the pattern out on the kitchen table, I think that made a big difference to the time it took to put it together.

The batting I bought from Spotlight is a bamboo cotton blend that was so soft it was a shame to cover it up. However, it should wash well and therefore be useful as a baby blanket. As Bec said ' it's gonna have poop on it at some point.'

Friday, February 12, 2010

Being a 'local'

There's just something so nice about being a local. Small things, the kind of hello you get in your regular coffee shop, seeing five people you know as you wander the shopping strip looking for a present for your nephew (still no luck,) that sort of thing. This has its down side too, but today I had a nice referral from my friend in the coffee shop to a cute place to visit on the web: Made By White. I am wearing a brooch today that I like to call 'found art' because it's a brooch Franklin found, and, because I wear brooches a lot, my lovely coffee making friend suggested I check out Made By White. I have just done so and found something I love (!!) :

I especially love how it 'opens' to reveal a cute little house inside. Ever since my mother bought me Winter Story (and subsequently the entire series) by Jill Barklem I have had a penchant for finely detailed illustrations, especially those depicting the inside layouts of a house, or show how a thing works. Does this have something to do with girls being given dollhouses and furniture?

My dilemma now is thinking of a reason to buy it!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Having Enough To Say

Franklin, my husband, is stretching the legs of his 'addictive personality' again at the moment - this month's passion is, wait for it:



Yes, I know you said it too. That stupid blue bird has everyone hooked and has ruthlessly (with the help of 3 giving it away FREE on mobile internet for a month) snatched my husband out from my very nose. Actually he is right here sitting next to me but he is so very, very far away. I keep hearing things muttered, or even quite loudly expostulated like "Brumby, tweet something interesting for once!" (Victorian premier John Brumby has a twitter) or "Victoria Mason thinks I'm awesome cause I found somewhere you can still buy Quality Street chocolates," this one just in: "Are you serious there's a trend called 'beijing fried rice' what the hell is 'bejing fried rice'??" (I don't know either.) On being questioned about this one in particular - apprently it's a thing Malaysian's are into. I am none the wiser.

Wait, he refines it with: "Twitter trends are funny" - well, now I know it's not worth googling in case it's an oddly named fashion trend I should watch out for, or even a new food Cookie will serve to replace the Pad Thai (which is awesome.)

I wonder how he'll react when he finds out I've quoted him word for word while I blog about his twiting - actually I don't think he's noticed even when I've asked him to repeat what he's said and then typed it... the title of this post should really be "A Tragic Tale, How I lost my husband to Twitter" - has an American written a book called this yet? Such is life in this modern 'social networking online' world... I hear even EH has returned to Facebook!?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Clearly, six-months have passed by since I lost the cable that links my camera to my computer - which has proved a theory I had going that said cable was the umbilical cord that connected me (the camera) to this blog.

I still do not have a cable and have become obsessed with the idea of a new camera (giving up on the cable which would possibly be easy to replace) and so the blog sits waiting by itself for me to come back and love it and feed it again.