Friday, February 12, 2010

Being a 'local'

There's just something so nice about being a local. Small things, the kind of hello you get in your regular coffee shop, seeing five people you know as you wander the shopping strip looking for a present for your nephew (still no luck,) that sort of thing. This has its down side too, but today I had a nice referral from my friend in the coffee shop to a cute place to visit on the web: Made By White. I am wearing a brooch today that I like to call 'found art' because it's a brooch Franklin found, and, because I wear brooches a lot, my lovely coffee making friend suggested I check out Made By White. I have just done so and found something I love (!!) :

I especially love how it 'opens' to reveal a cute little house inside. Ever since my mother bought me Winter Story (and subsequently the entire series) by Jill Barklem I have had a penchant for finely detailed illustrations, especially those depicting the inside layouts of a house, or show how a thing works. Does this have something to do with girls being given dollhouses and furniture?

My dilemma now is thinking of a reason to buy it!


Enthusiastic Hack said...

I'm gettin no updates from your page...then I try the link to your blog and it's dead...

Then tonight, I'm feeling hungry and I'm really in the mood for a bit of Beijing fried rice , and so of course I googled it...and - lo and behold, I find this...why you no tell me?

Aqua said...

How is your present buying mission for said nephew going? I need to by that little man something too....was thinking of Anderson St. Wanna come?