Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Having Enough To Say

Franklin, my husband, is stretching the legs of his 'addictive personality' again at the moment - this month's passion is, wait for it:



Yes, I know you said it too. That stupid blue bird has everyone hooked and has ruthlessly (with the help of 3 giving it away FREE on mobile internet for a month) snatched my husband out from my very nose. Actually he is right here sitting next to me but he is so very, very far away. I keep hearing things muttered, or even quite loudly expostulated like "Brumby, tweet something interesting for once!" (Victorian premier John Brumby has a twitter) or "Victoria Mason thinks I'm awesome cause I found somewhere you can still buy Quality Street chocolates," this one just in: "Are you serious there's a trend called 'beijing fried rice' what the hell is 'bejing fried rice'??" (I don't know either.) On being questioned about this one in particular - apprently it's a thing Malaysian's are into. I am none the wiser.

Wait, he refines it with: "Twitter trends are funny" - well, now I know it's not worth googling in case it's an oddly named fashion trend I should watch out for, or even a new food Cookie will serve to replace the Pad Thai (which is awesome.)

I wonder how he'll react when he finds out I've quoted him word for word while I blog about his twiting - actually I don't think he's noticed even when I've asked him to repeat what he's said and then typed it... the title of this post should really be "A Tragic Tale, How I lost my husband to Twitter" - has an American written a book called this yet? Such is life in this modern 'social networking online' world... I hear even EH has returned to Facebook!?


delia said...

I have now discovered nothing is quite sacred.. last night I was singing a slilly song which Franklin found funny and I was asked "can I put that on twitter?"


Answer = NO.

I don't know if he has anyway though...

Dejin said...

I didn't put your song on Twitter! I have found your blog!
NOTHING is sacred! Not even cows! I love you! *mwa*