Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making things again

I seem to be in a spree of sewing things lately. In the past two weeks I have made a baby blanket, a new top and solved the problem I couldn't get past with a jacket I've been 98% finished for about 6 months.

My friend Bec is having a baby, and had a little afternoon tea shower last weekend. And, inspired by the small and inconsistently meeting craft nights I've been going to with ladies from the library, and by their quilting skills, I decided to tackle a baby blanket (ie. a quilt without the extreme trickyness) I am quite pleased with how it came out.

Mum and I lay the pattern out on the kitchen table, I think that made a big difference to the time it took to put it together.

The batting I bought from Spotlight is a bamboo cotton blend that was so soft it was a shame to cover it up. However, it should wash well and therefore be useful as a baby blanket. As Bec said ' it's gonna have poop on it at some point.'

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Aqua said...

Bamboo blankets are all the rage for babies! We have onne for munchkin and it's so soft and lovely - and you can wash it and tumble dry, sweet! Blanket looks very nice - you're very clever.