Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Things I've Noticed Today

1. Every time I ride the train and the loud speaker plays the recorded message "When traveling with a Myki remember to touch on and touch off" someone sniggers. Not just kids, but seemingly random people - a pregnant lady sniggered today. Why??

2. I have random memory jogs of holiday trips prompted by I-don't-know-what. Just a minute ago I was suddenly transported to the music shop (Dad went crazy in) next to Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach. Maybe it was the Pnau track that was playing on my headphones... but that's unlikely. Does this happen to anyone else?


Dejin said...

I snigger at that announcement. I am not certain as to why.

I suspect that it is the close proximity of the words "touch on" and "touch off" to "touch up" and "jerk off".

Music often takes me to other places and other people. Not always holidays, though.

Your father went crazy in a music store? Is this the day Glitters "lost her father-in-law"?

delia said...

Not the same day, he went crazy and bought HEAPS of CDs but we knew where he was.

amiriche said...

Flash back to holidays gone by means that its time for a holiday.
Book it in!