Friday, April 23, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

Of all the seven 'deadly sins' I find I have the most trouble with envy. It seems, for me, to be one of the easiest mind-sets to slip in to. I'm using the term broadly and including 'coveting' in my definition of envy. I am quite in a GLUT (7/7) of envy towards Tania of Myrtle and Eunice. There's quite a list of things I envy her for, most of which can be distilled into one word: Time.

Now, it's ridiculous really (I ridicule it myself) because Tania doesn't actually HAVE more time than me - yes, essentially we all get the same 24 hours cycle - but she seems to USE it to do more.

The biggest thing this demi-rant has been inspired by is SKIRTS. Melbourne seems to have gone crazy for pencil skirts, and try as I might (and I have) I cannot find a skirt that is pencil-ed that will suit me. Someone should write an adage that reads: Pears and Pencils Do Not Mix. But maybe no one would know what that means except for us pear-shaped ladies.

So, while I have been making pout-y faces over the lack of skirts in my immediate vicinity, and wishing I had less weddings to go to (not really though) so I could get to Spotlight, Tania has been sewing. Check it:

Nice. I'm wanting to make myself some skirts now, more than ever, because of said lack of skirt shapes and the above inspiration. However, although I can sew, I need a good A-line skirt pattern and they are always a matter of trial and error. And I need to have a practice skirt to test with before I use my beautiful Akira fabric, which will also include making a lining - difficulty rating x2.

And now, I've got sick of myself whinging so I'll shut up. Anyone wanna plan a skirt making day with me?? I have ... well, if you're free let me know and I can see when I'm free, it may be some weekends away still.

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